Dream’eo Portable Media Player With GPS



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… what a boring set of useful links… and so… here’s the ‘more’ useful link… enjoy that…
Shopzilla’s Media Player Buying Guide… cuz, contrary to popular belief, not EVERYONE needs gps on their media player… some people just like the cheapest one with a little bit of dopeness to it… others like the biggest baddest… etc. etc… power up.


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Dream’eo Portable Media Player With GPS
$199.99 + $5 shipping
condition: New
product(s): 1 Dream’eo Portable Media Player With GPS - PVP E320


Can you enter Coordinates? Want to know if this would be a good GPS unit for Geocaching.


Cool product… I like the dual uses.

The funny thing is, how did we ever manage to drive anywhere without GPS? I feel lost without my GPS in the car… but I got it only a few months ago.


I would be very interested in this - have any wooters actually USED this before? Not just reviews, but actually USED this for GPS purposes.

That be helpful, as I’m on the fence as if I want to buy or not.


Ugh. No flux capacitor?



Whats the GPS for?

Do people like these so much that they walk around and get lost while watching movies?


Just Dream’ on


Wow, a woot that does two things only half good instead of the usual one thing. What are all these posts about other sites, they should be kicked of the boards


I think this product takes the lead in the info-bullets-per-$ category… holy crap!


Aguirre, the Wrath of God

Good movie pic choice. But not good enough for me to buy this player…


Looks a little bulky…

Doesn’t make me want to “impulse buy” it.


Oy vey. This thing sounds like the worst of both worlds. Too bad it isn’t $19.95 Even at that price it is a border line situation as far as being a gag birthday gift for the neighbor.


does it have a harddrive or something?


Lots of entertaining info at http://www.dreameo-usa.com/.


Wow… dual uses, video and more space than my Ipod [The one with four buttons and the wheel below]. If I had a car, or could drive for that matter, I’d buy this thing in a heartbeat I think. It comes with everything you need, very cool, now just to know if it works well for those who have actually used it.

TO AMAZON! Or, if anyone here has used it, lets hear about it eh? It sounds good but I’ve never heard of Dream’eo either… Nifty name.


Read the specs before asking questions. 20 GB Hard Drive