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I feel I should warn you of the dangers of pepper mills. I’ve been hit in the head twice by these dangerous kitchen accessories in restaurants. They hurt. Just a friendly Woot PSA.


Reviews complain about a chemical smell.


Awhile back I was on a quest to find a good set of salt/pepper grinders. I found that a lot of them, while they looked nice, were pretty fragile and would break soon after I bought them. And then I saw a lot of recommendations for William Bounds. I got a set (something out of the “Love” collection) and have been using them for years without problems.

I do wish woot would carry the matching salt grinders, however.


I’m so happy to get this electric kettle - more recent reviews don’t mention any bad smell except on older models after they reach an advanced age. The price is great and I look forward to many happy mugs o’ French press coffee and cups of chai tea, and bowls of hot and fruit-enhanced oatmeal for breakfast. Every once in a while, you really surprise and please me, Woot. Keep up the good work and thanks!


Does anyone have any experience with the toaster? Mine was ruined by a leaky ceiling in my kitchen this week (second time in two years in my apartment building - there are disadvantages to being on the first floor and having the bathrooms for the upper floors above your kitchen). It was a cheap one, so I’m not weeping over it, but I’ve been thinking of getting a better one anyway…along with a toaster cover so that the next time my ceiling leaks, it will survive.


A boombox is not a toy…


My mother bought that 4 slice toaster (except in white) for my brother & his large family (5 kids, mom & dad). She paid almost $60. It works great & the bread is evenly toasted. I could tell her about WOOT having it for $40 ($35 + $5 shipping) but it would just tee her off.


i too have been considering getting this (it also showed up on 1saleaday a few days ago). the reviews said that they liked it with the exception of the wide slots cook one side faster than the other because the grates close on only one side to hold standard thickness bread slices. so they push the bread closer to one side than the other if that makes sense. i would think high end toasters have a centering system but i haven’t learned for sure yet. for bagels people seemed to love it. hope that helped more than it confused.


>> So, fun thing about cooking: it’s sexy. People who cook are objectively more attractive than people who don’t…

I couldn’t agree more! :wink:


a dream kitchen appliance…a 4 slice toaster? No offense to anyone reading this…is your dream kitchen no longer mobile??


We bought this toaster from another store a while ago, from experience I can say that for normal slices of bread it does slightly toast one side more than the other. Even with that, it does a pretty decent job. It handles larger size bread and bagels very well.

We normally use the “2” setting as much higher will really darken the toast. The first toast it did have a slight chemical smell as if it was burning off some material on the heating elements. That only lasted the one time though.

All in all, I highly recommend this toaster. Keep in mind that I am a pretty simple fellow though, this gets me a nicely toasted piece of bread for my eggs. That is all I ask of it.


The Cuisinart 6-Piece Bakeware Set has a list price of $162.99.
You have GOT to be kidding.


I have been using this exact model for over two years, and I did not experience any odd odor in that time.


The Elevate utensils description states they’re great for non-stick cookware. What about for use with stainless steel cookware? Any distinct disadvantages or would they work just fine?

Oh, and I wish the toaster came in a stainless option. Haven’t bit yet since it’s only available in black…


It’s $120 on Amazon Prime.

My question is why the heck a mortar and pestle is $129, when you can go outside and get two rocks for free.


Forgot to mention I bought this Cuisinart bakewear set and love it. They’re thicker than any others I’ve ever owned and the cookie sheets in particular produce great results. Bakes uniformly without any hot spots so each batch comes out just right - nothing’s underdone or burnt.

Excellent quality and overall a great value. I highly recommend.


That tomato worktop saver seems excessively thin only .15" H with the rubberized feet.?


Just who is this Curtis Stone??? (I know I could look him up, but had rather read WOOT’ers replies)


Do you find it ironic that the Curtis Stone mortar & pestle is made of stainless steel instead of stone???