Dream Spa 30-Setting Slide Bar Shower

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You’re gonna have a lot of unshowered people on Christmas.

Really? This is actually cheaper at the first other site Google pointed me to.

Make sure you’re looking at the same item with the slide bar.

At 30 settings rest assured not a single nook or cranny on your personal self will not find a comforting spray of soothing cleanliness.

does anyone know if this is good for low pressure shower systems?
I’d love if this could boost the pressure a little bit.

Amazon consumer ratings aren’t too great on this thing. So if you don’t pay $9 shipping you don’t get by xmas?

I was looking for a shower head for a gift but this didn’t seem too great. I went for this one: http://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B004NXT3TE/ref=oh_details_o00_s00_i00

same company and a little more but will feel more comfortable buying this one.

Please note that this showerhead is NOT on Amazon.com as far as I can tell. There’s a similarly named one but if you look closely, it is different.

This showerhead has a limited lifetime warranty from Interlink (Features tab).

The manual is linked on the specs tab.

Can anyone give me an idea of what is involved in installing this thing? I can’t picture how the slide bar attaches to the wall.


The manual is linked on the Specs tab.

Is this another woot! exclusive? Not finding really any other hits for this model.

If so, may be good to check back on their previous exclusive Dream Spa model and the comments on that one (today’s has 6 more settings, though!), including dealings with their customer service:


Edit: Putting up a better link

The prior Dream Spa showerhead that was sold numerous times on Fark worked great for low pressure systems.

Just a general response to your question. I am on a well and the pressure is not anywhere near as high as “city water”. I do not have this device but have had more than one similar in the past. My experience is that many (if not all) shower heads DO NOT function as well under lower pressure. Specifically, any of the “pulsing” selections do not work well. My mom has an identical shower head to mine and under her city water it is great, mine not so much. All that said I am actually interested in this one because of the adjustability. I currently have a two head spray system, but the one on the hose can either be hand held or mounted up next to the fixed head.

ARGH!! This is EXACTLY what I wanted but woot had the total spa first. I have to admit, I love the Total Spa showerhead, so I might just buy this one too, since they’re the same brand, and give our other one to my mom or something.

I’m 5’ 0.5" and my hubby’s 5’10" and sometimes the kids shower in our shower and they’re kinda little. This would be fabulous for managing to give each of us a close blast of water. I find that if the showerhead isn’t close to my head then the water pressure’s too wimpy. We used to have this bendy, stretchy, flexible 6-mode showerhead which I totally loved, but the time came to get something a little “nicer” looking.

Now I just need to get permission from the household handyman since he just installed the other woot! showerhead. UGH!

Pressure can’t be boosted by a different shower head, odds are if you have low pressure now then it is because your pipes are old and corroded or there is a eco-friendly device somewhere in the shower head or bathroom pipe to cut the pressure.

According to the Owner’s Manual, Yeppers

Don’t waste your money. The amazon reviews are correct about the crap components. I bought another dual head model from dream spa and everything is indeed plastic where it matters. After about 6 months those washers and connectors cracked, so I was stuck with the handheld. Then the support bracket for that broke- total piece of junk. Spend the money on something better.

I found this quote on Amazon for the dual head unit with no slide bar.
“I am so happy with my Shower Combo Set, I wished I had purchased a couple more for gifts. I was hesitant at first because I was worried about the lack of water pressure that I was dealing with. But to my surprise, it had no effect, it works great.
And it took hubby no time at all to install it (a real shocker)!”