Dream Spa Handheld Shower Head

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Dream Spa Handheld Shower Head
$14.99 + $5 Shipping
Condition: New

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I bought this from home.woot a few weeks ago. Freaking love it. Just buy it.

WTF… writers off tonight? They doing that “Family Circus” thing where little Jeffy is taking over for Dad tonight?


Oh cool, I was hoping this would come floating back to us…I missed it last time.

Is this the one they use to shower elephants?

Example Here!

Ah, I seem to remember several comments last time about this becoming a number of women’s favorite part of shower time that were…questionable to say the least.

Here it was last time over at home.woot

Perfect timing. Our current mounting bracket broke off the other day and we are in the market for a new unit. And here it is! Thanks woot.

I like the stainless hose. It lays naturally and has a much better feel than the vinyl hose kinds. I wish the attachment to the spout was metal as well, looks plastic.

Also here is the undisputed champion from the last time it was sold:

Way to go JohnnyDD!!

Picked it up last time. The suction cup doesn’t hold the thing up that well and the massage setting does massage as much as it just feels like needles… Not a substitute for a shower massage by water pick, but good enough for the guest shower.

Disappointed this doesn’t appear to have a “pause” mode, which is a MUST HAVE for handheld showerheads. Especially for parents who want to teach their kids how to conserve water in the shower. Mine now gleefully announce “pause mode!” right before lathering up.

Any input from other ladies experienced with this particular item?

Like does it have good pressure? Pulsation?

Simply because the high pressure really helps me wash the shampoo out of my hair without taking as much effort, thus leaving my hands to do other lathering activities.

How does this shower head handle low water pressure?

I bought one recently that turned out to be unusable because my water pressure sucks.

I too bought this from Home.woot. I love it to bits. I purchased it as my upstairs tub (which is still out of commission) just had a fancy over $100 one added to it that I liked and the pipes started leaking a month later (unrelated to new shower head). I was stuck with the downstairs shower with this old crappy shower head that just couldn’t do the job and get my back when I needed it to.

The head is made of plastic, the tubing is metal (at least on the outside). The piece where it attaches to the pipe and the holder are also plastic. It has a flow regulator that goes inside of it, so if you have low water pressure you don’t have to have it in, and if you don’t you’ll probably want it in.

It also comes with a secondary shower head holder so if you don’t want it overhead, you can stick in anywhere you please with the suction cup holder(its strong!) and have the water come at you from where ever you stick it.

This thing has been a godsend for my back, I can set the head up to have the water go right onto my back and shoulder at point blank range without having to hold the shower head and just relax and let the warmth give me some pain relief when I need it most.

If I needed more I’d be in for 3 in a second, one of the best products I’ve purchased from Woot.

Oh, thank you Woot! I asked for one of these for Christmas - I didn’t get one. Then I asked for one for my birthday - I didn’t get one then either. But now, thanks to you, I can stop asking - I can buy one for myself, and at a great price too! I’m in for three, actually. One for my shower, one for the kids’ shower and an extra one for… me. We plan on moving next year and this way I’ll be all set for my next home :slight_smile:

Riiiiiiiiiiiiight. Well, I’m no female, but judging from the exorbitant amount of comments last go-round from a horde of women, including a ton that got deleted due to…slight discrepencies, shall we say, I think this should work just fine in helping you “wash the shampoo out of your hair.”

What makes this better than the ones for 20-30.00 at Walmart?
Is this higher quality etc?
I don’t think anyone makes a metal mounting bracket design anymore?? :frowning:

Can I use this to powerwash my siding?