Dream Spa Razor 10" Oval Rainfall Showerhead

Check out comments from the first time this was sold

My experience with Dream Spa:

My wife bugged me forever for a Dream Spa (mainly for the Rainfall). Finally got one, and I notice a huge difference in pressure. Liked it so much, got an extra one as a gift. Easy to set up too. Hardest part was getting the old one off.

I’ve never used a plastic rainfall shower head before… is there an advantage?

For the price I might try out, I mean if I don’t like it at least I am not out a ton of money.

Well, plastic isn’t subject to oxidation the way metal is. So it shouldn’t stop up from hard water deposits and such. The downside to plastic, in my experience, is that the chrome finish does not bond as well as it does on metal and tends to flake off after a while.

I really want a rain shower and I’m tempted to buy this, but the picture says it doesn’t include an extension and I’m wondering if it really feels like rain at a 45% angle. Or I could just buy an extension for 15-40 bucks but then I might as well just buy the whole dang thing together…decisions decisions.

Woot comments on a previous sale, informative. Price was $20 more then too, maybe in for a couple.


Hate I paid 29.99 each a month or so ago and got 3! Shouldve just waited.

I got one of these as a plus item at the last wootoff and at the risk of exposing my procrastination, I can help with photos. User photos always help me so thought maybe they would help you too. Just dont make fun of my old shower pipes!

Time for fun with photos!


I am holding the showerhead at the level it would be without an extension. In my opinion, it will angle perfectly diagonal over and behind me without being directly overhead and drowning me.

As for the actual size. Here you can see its a $10 bill and 3/4 of another bill long and about a bill wide. The silver trim is hard to see here but you can see it in the woot item photos.:


Definitely worth the price even with shipping and tax but why not add another item you have been thinking about to spread out the shipping value while your at it.

I bought this the last time it was up on woot however many days ago and I’m still getting “thank yous” from my girlfriend. We love this thing, and part of that love is how cheap it was.

It installed in minutes, all the connections are finger tight (per instructions) so if you really hate it you don’t have to go hunt down the wrench to take it off again. We’ve had no problems with leaking with the finger tight connections, just make sure the washers are properly seated before trying to install it.

Nothing makes a good product better then getting a good deal on that product.

As other folks have said, for 15 dollars (including shipping) what do you really have to lose!

Bought this last time, definitely worth the money. The plastic feels cheap, but it seals up tight with no leaks (even comes with some teflon tape) and it works wonderfully. Highly recommended, although it will vastly increase your shower’s water consumption. My drain can’t quite keep up with it, and by the end of my shower I have a 1/2" pool at my feet.

Really? It is listed as 2.5gpm which is considered a low flow showerhead. I was thinking of buying one to save energy, but now I’m not sure. Can anyone else verify the flowrate?

I bought this last time it was on sale and I can confirm that the rate really seems to be a lot higher than it actually is. Its fantastic, would definitely recommend.

Anybody know if it is water saver device? How eco friendly is it?

I live in an apartment building with pretty old fixtures in the bathrooms, and the shower-pipes are pretty thin (under 1" in diameter, I would say).

Not being very knowledgeable about/ handy with these things:

  1. Are there sufficient instructions provided for a lay(wo)man to install this?
  2. Could someone provide any insight into how I can tell whether this will fit my shower pipes?

Thanks! :slight_smile:

Bought this when last woot. I had to purchase separate plastic (same material as this one for I cannot find metal ones anymore) extinsion pipe so that the shower will fall from above my head. I think more pricy ones comes with the pipe. If you want it right above your head, add $15 for extension pipe at local home improvment store.

  1. Im a woman and I find this to be an easy installation. It does include instructions with pictures and a phone# for help if needed.

  2. I measured mine and the wall pipe is approx 3/4 inch. I think theyre all pretty standard size pipes though. either way this fits the 3/4" pipe.

Can anyone tell me what to look for/ask for when getting an extension for this?

Can anyone tell me what the water pressure is like?

Mine arrived today, installed it. Like it, it’s oval and very thin. (U.F.O.ish) Nice chrome finish and easy to install. Had to loosen the lock nut on the shower-head part so it would swivel more freely, no leaks.
Removed the wire mesh & rubber o-ring that was installed in the shower-head and replaced it with the plain extra rubber o-ring that was included in the box. I may install an extension pipe, not sure yet.
Water pressure is about the same as the builder grade plain jane Delta round head it replaced, just distributed wider.