Dream Spa Razor 10" Oval Rainfall Showerhead

**Item: **Dream Spa Razor 10" Oval Rainfall Showerhead
Price: $29.99
Shipping Options: $5 Standard OR $9 Two-Day OR $12 One-Day
Condition: New

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Anyone know where to get the extender since it’s shown in the pics but doesn’t actually come with the showerhead?

Personal review: Works great. Got one for a friend after using mine. (Got it maintly for the rainfall). Noticed a difference in pressure (for the better).

You can easily get one at either Lowes or Home Depot. Just make sure to get some sealing tape if the extension doesn’t include a small roll.


We are up to our gills in chrome finish showerheads! A lot of us need these showerheads in a brass finish to match our bathrooms. Would you please give us the option of buying in brass finish as well?

I bought one of these a while back and LOVE IT! It is so refreshing to feel the water fall on ya instead of being blasted on ya like from a pressure washer. I’m buying my second one!

Got mine a few months ago. Absolutely love it. Did not need the extender some speak of. Pressure is great and when I look up, it seems like the saucer section of the galaxy class enterprise is flying over me, haha

Good buy. I agree with all of the other positive posts. The rainfall effect is great and I don’t have water spraying all over the place. It all falls on me.

I’m looking for an affordable, high pressure shower head that isn’t plastic. This does not have either of those traits. Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated.

What is considered affordable for you? I’ve had a Sloan shower head for 18 years, give it an anti-lime soak about once a year and will most likely outlive me - it’s chrome-plated brass. Nice invigorating spray.

As seen here: http://www.amazon.com/Sloan-Valve-AC-51-2-Inch-Saving/dp/B000NPRJYC/ref=sr_1_2?ie=UTF8&qid=1371996635&sr=8-2&keywords=sloan+shower+head

I’m looking for a good feeling shower head. I care more for feel than water/$ saving. I have water saving for the kids. :slight_smile: would you recommend the Sloan with that in mind? The Swiss army knive shower heads always fall short. Less truly is more for shower heads.

I was in up to…Crafted from durable plastic.

I don’t have this brand, but after switching to a rain showerhead I hate using any other type. Originally I was concerned that pressure might not be perfect with the design but there is more than enough throughput.

Ours a is a chrome finish with plastic nozzles, it does require some lime treatments but even with a few clogged the style works very well.

A lot of the water saving showerheads have a plastic disc inside that lowers the water pressure. If you pry it out, you have a good, useable shower. :slight_smile:

I recently bought a Delta Peerless 76456, How do I remove the restrictor? I was Able to remove a Small Mesh Net Disc that was Held by a Rubber wASHER, but there something else I see inside the Head, thats restricting the water Flow. My Water Pressure is Just below Medium Pressure, (Not High Not Low)
Any Tips on how to remove this Restrictor?
This is the One I have Delta Peerless 76456

Now I can expand my shower repertoire!

Do you like a high spray type head? This has a double cone design, concentric circles, with nothing in the center - but somehow it doesn’t feel like a dead spot (or a dry spot) probably because of the higher spray hitting you and running down.
Depending if you have high water pressure, the spray can get to the point of being very “needle-y” and irritating. If that happens, you just turn down the flow.

I have looked at the newer multiport (if you know what I mean) showerheads in the stores but have never tried them. And that’s why I looked at this sale.

I like the brisk feeling and don’t think I’d be in for a rainfall type of design. (How I found the Sloan type was while I was staying out-of-state at a hotel and it was the best shower I ever had. You find out what you don’t like in a hurry.) That’s important to me, a runner/biker for 30 years; that’s part of the incentive to get yer butt home - gotta get that crud off and feel great again!

Good luck in your search! Until I hear of something much improved, I’m sticking with the Sloan.

I feel kinda ripped off. First off, great job manipulating the photos to make it appear that the shower head is round. If you only looked at the photo and was expecting to get what you thought you saw, you would think they sent you the wrong item. Now it is my fault for believing the picture more than the one word that doesn’t appear in the description, OVAL. It does says oval but only when usIng the actual name of the product. The dimensions are misleading also because it takes in account the threaded adapter to make it appear round.

Techniquely they are 100% correct in the words they use because they never say round. But the intent is clearly there to make you believe this shower head is round with the selection of their first photo at the angle they used. I haven’t hooded it up yet because I don’t know if I’m going to keep it or give it away.I won’t return it because it is my fault in believing it wouldn’t be more oval than a freaking egg. For $35, I could have gotten a simlar oval shower head from Home Depo. Round shower heads are always more expensive which is why they tried to make this appear around.

Part 2
The showerhead has pretty good pressure. It comes with an elbow that is adjustable and it looks like this is the piece that makes it California approvedbbecause it says do not use shower head without this piece. You can clearly see it blocks more than half of the pipe to reduce water flow. The good thing is you don’t need to use this piece if you want maximum water flow. I used it and was fine with the pressure and I needed to adjust the angle of the shower head. This is just a plane, no bells and whistles head. It works like it should but I sure wish it had different stages/options to turn off some jets and have a hard blast from the center but it doesn’t.

Basically, works like it should but still feel sour about the manipulated and misleading photo.