Dream Weaver


Post a particularly vivid or memorable dream . . . and let all us street corner psychologists analyze it.

One very memorable dream I had, oh . . . more than twenty-some years ago, had me on a WWII battleship, commanded by none other than John Wayne. We were lobbing depth charges at an enemy submarine . . . on which I also was crew member . . . and which was, oddly enough, commanded by John Wayne. The crux of the dream was, we sank the sub and I woke up thinking we had sunk John Wayne.

Curious that that dream has stuck with me for so long . . .


so you basically went down on John Wayne…that was the dream


hope that moderator isn’t around


Or vice-versa . . . :tongue:

Stop that!!


I know Fenstar will ask questions on this one… What do you mean? What, I don’t get it? Are you implying something? Ok Fen did I cover all of them.


You already reacted, that’s what he wants.


Ahem!!! Too soon for a thread-jacking . . .




Getting back on topic then. Last dream I remember was the other night I hit the Powerball Lottery while eating popcorn. Then I choked and died. End of dream. Powerball went off last night didn’t have one number, didn’t have popcorn and didn’t die. Guess my dream wasn’t too realistic.


Yeah . . . especially the part about hitting the powerball!!


Dammit terry. That’s hilarious. Good thing I work alone in my office. I was laughing, hard.


Glad you had a laugh. Only problem is now no one is posting their dreams for interpretaion. Should have waited to respond to his dream. This could have been a real fun night.


Agreed. That was hilarious…and probably true. winks at AZG


//procures k’time some carpet . . . for a midnight snack winks back


Is that a pass at KT?


You going to tell us bout that dream?


Your dreams sound like you have been watching too many Twilight Zones.


How appropriate sometimes I feel like I am there.


Whoa, I had lots of dreams last night!! I dream of my mom a lot, but that is understandable since I miss her every day.
Last night I dreamed I was on a cruise and my air conditioning system malfunctioned and my room was wet. (no, I do not wet the bed, lol!!) I had a big giant long conversation with the housekeeping lady who was intercepting my faxes (?) and tearing them up because she “didn’t want to upset me”. I lost the key to my room, but she let me in. Then I missed breakfast, and my friends and I went to eat onshore (wherever we were), where we bought beautifully embroidered tablecloths, placemats, and silk scarves.

Somebody explain * THAT * one to me, please!!!



Actually, there was a lot more detail to it. Like when my friends and I went onshore to eat, the menu had awful stuff on it, and we were struggling to find something we could actually eat. And the people who showed us the things we bought had many beautiful things to buy.
I was disappointed this morning when I woke up and did not have those scarves…


I have no idea what that dream may mean for you but so glad to hear that you finally fell to sleep last night.


Here is something strange, at least to me:
My mind still keeps wanting to go back to that cruise dream.

Perhaps to finish it?
But I thought it was finished.