Dremel Duo Kit 7.2v 2-Tool Kit with Stylus and Driver

with that said, anyone know anything about this dremel set?

“that’s what she said.”

Hahaha, that never gets old.


^^ What he said. =P Everything but Woot would be the place to discuss the new president elect.

That was weird. Arkansas was all over this at the beginning. Now it’s the West Coast, and Colorado. Jailbreak preparations? :-/


This is a great deal, and Dremel is a solid company. In for one!

In for one.
All I really wanted was the Stylus which costs $71 at Amazon. This is a better deal.
I already have a corded Dremel and a Roto-Zip so I don’t need any more accessories.
Maybe I’ll get a speed chuck for it from All Electronics for $5. Hopefully it fits.

I wonder if the cordless has weaker, or unstable power. I’ve wanted one for a long time.

How come the charger isn’t listed as it is at other sell sites???

From one on Froogle:
1120-01 7.2V Cordless Lithium Ion Driver

1100-01 Stylus Cordless Rotary Tool 7.2V Lithium Ion Battery


Docking Station

33 Piece Accessory Set

Accessory Case

in for one great for the computer work bench . checked around and thats 1/2 what the going price is for them .it seems like a real steal ! hope it as good as the reviews i read claim it is !

“5,000 – 25,000 ROM”

Wow! But how much RAM does it have?

presta valves ftw :wink:

ive been eyeballing the dremels at the local home depot. screw that, this is way cheaper. thanks again woot.

I’m so excited! Yay future! Boo icky past!

And also, boo icky old Dremel with cord and no variable speed.

hmm its something that I actually need. very tempting, but I think i’ll sleep on it.

The docking station keeps your tool charged?


(the charger/docking station is clearly shown in the photo)

so does it come with the charging/docking station or no?

it is in the picture…

…I’m SOOO glad you said that! Getting ready to put the house on the market and there are indeed a couple tiles in the bathrooms that should get replaced – so I’m in for one! Thanks Beerbellybob! and Thanks Again Woot!

I love rotary tools but hate cordless ones.

sometimes little men and other accessories are in the picture… they just usually say not with this or check contents in description.

Now I am questing whether to get one… if no charger it may not be worth it as it is single use with low power… with that logic… in for three… nah I will take my chances with one. It is classified as New, I will make an ass of myself and assumed sealed NEW in OEM box which probably has the charger.