Dremel Duo Kit 7.2v 2-Tool Kit with Stylus and Driver

Wooo Dremel set… hmm tempted!

noooo I missed it!


DAMN just missed it! grrrrr

I own the stylus. I used it for cutting some plastic casings for some joysticks that Woot sent my friend for a Bag.

I’m satisfied with it :slight_smile:

Bought one of these. They’re very small, very low power, for specialized fine work. Not what I was looking for, but worth it if that’s what you want.

Spinning is so much cooler than not spinning.

$10 cheaper than when I bought it from Woot 4 months ago.

I’ve got this set, pretty convenient to have these around for the quick fix or random screw sticking out.

Wow. on sale for a hole 1.5 seconds.

Doh - paused too long to contemplate the purchase…and it is gone.

Can’t even take a bathroom break and it’s gone, baby gone!

i own this product and was and have been very impressed with it

Fantastic price for true dremel.

5 star reviews on Amazon

Good reviews elsewhere as well. If I didn’t already have a dremel I would go for this.

This thing has amazing torque for it’s size. We bought two before, and used one to unscrew over 25 1 1/2 screws out of a wood packing crate, and it was still going strong. I am more than impressed!

Nice I click on buy and submit within 10 seconds and boom gone and only 4?? WTF

4? That’s it? 4? Thanks for being there.

none for me

all that work for only 4 dremel kits.