Dremel Trio Rotary Tool Kit

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Dremel Trio Rotary Tool Kit
$54.99 + $5 Shipping
Condition: New

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Dont worry. I’m sure there’s only one in stock. It’ll be gone soon!

Woot not refreshing fast enough in these Back ta backs wicked quick new items

Got it last time it was on. Still in the case.

Better settle in. No matter the stock, this one is going to take a while to ditch.

Seat belts fastened…

ah, i can hear the missing fingers now…

it’s the new PIXAR mascot

what happened on that last one? My gosh, faster than fast!

This thing looks fun!

Is this Mac compatible?

In case this does take a while, previous woot last September:


It looks like a toy with the blue plastic buttons

The hobby work I do would make this handy, but I don’t woot to make more work for myself.

time for bed

Would I be able to power this with a 400W Voltec Power Inverter while I drill holes in my Archos Tablet so I can use it to swat flies?

Heh heh huh huh…he said “tool”

Wow 2510 of them! LOL

I would like to have this around, but don’t actually want to pay money for it. Buy it for me.