Dremel Trio Rotary Tool Kit

I bought one of these units several months ago from a large tool retailer in Pa. I paid over $100 including tax and it is well worth the expense. Easily cuts out holes in drywall for electic outlets, light fixtures, pipes and what ever and it does it VERY easily and in a matter of seconds. Also great for small and close work on wood or thin metal. If you’re looking for a tool to make life easier, this is one of them. Finally, it is very well bullt and will last a long time.

Now I attempting to justify buying another one at this great price.

I don’t know if the base is removable but you can’t use it as a regular Dremel because it won’t accept regular Dremel or standard rotary accessories. From the description:

“Note: The Dremel Trio uses only Trio accessories. Dremel rotary tool accessories are not compatible with the Trio tool”

No, you won’t. You will burn her, because Dremels spin too fast for stuff like that.

Do not ask how I know this.

Well, you made my literally go “What IS that?!” out loud at 1 in the morning Woot for the first time ever. Congratulations.

I suppose you can use this if you still have cedar grilling planks left from the previous several dozen offerings of them, particularly if you don’t grill but have an inexplicable compulsion to hit the buy button on everything. Carve kittens in them or something.

Here is an Amazon User’s Opinion-

Be aware that many of the products that show up in the “other things people who bought this have purchased” section do NOT fit this tool. Not good - this tool only uses special bis that fit in the 3/16 collet. It can’t use normal dremel bits, nor normal router bits. So it is an underpowered baby router with a TINY selection of expensive special bits (that break easily). I like the handle and base design, and wanted to like the product - but the special bits will make it almost worthless.

I bought mine from Lowes for $70 so this is a good price, however a few things you need to consider…

Don’t expect this to be a “fix-all”, It is great for small jobs and quick fixes…

This is NOT good for cutting Plywood that is thicker than 1/2inch… it gets hot quickly and can mess the blade up

Can you cut holes in glass with this?

The answer is yes. If it’s soft wood, such as pine with no knots, you may be able to do it in one pass. If it’s hard wood, you may need to set your depth setting to 1/2 inch or less and complete the cut in more than one pass. Doing it this way puts less stress on the machine but more importantly, it extends the life of the cutting bit.

It vibrates.
And if that’s not enough, it has variable speeds and accepts attachments.

Absolutely not!!!

Dremel Dremel Dremel… I think I always wanted one of those. :slight_smile:

Thanks for answering. That helps a lot.

I have to say with what you save with this woot, it will cost you down the line with the few fittings you can get for it. Id personally go for a rotozip or secondly a dremel over this.

would this plow through MDF? I would think it would, but I want to make sure. It would probably be 3/4" or 1".

A real Dremel rotary tool perhaps, or maybe a Rotozip, but not one if these. I don’t think many people have always wanted one if these! :slight_smile:

I’ve seen woot put out other router’s before,

So how does this compare to a linksys or netgear?

Just kidding, goodnight all.

this 93.82 on amazon

I previewed the Trio on my tool blog last year:

Dremel Trio Details & Usage Photos

^ Includes a few example usage photos for those of you wondering what you could do with it.

Maximum cutting depth is ~1/2", so to cut 3/4" or 1" material, you’ll need to make cuts on both the front and back of the material.

Collet size is 3/16", so NO, it cannot use normal Dremel bits. Additional Trio bits are available for purchase, or you can find 3/16" bits and burs from any indsutrial supplier. Aftermarket bits might not work as well, especially since they’re not usually meant for cutting wood. I’ve never tried this, but it’s an option.

The tool does vibrate a little, but its cuts are smooth and even. For $65 incl. shipping, it’s a great deal, imho.

Why do you think it’s a better deal? The reviews are not exactly terrific.

No, and no, unless you can find 3/16" shanked router bits.

No. You may have much using 3/16" rotary bits with it, but don’t expect to use it as you would an ordinary Dremel rotary tool.

Theoretically? Maybe if you can find the right bits and know what you’re doing. Even if possible, there are better tools for the job.