Dremel Trio Rotary Tool Kit

Houston, looks like we’ve got a two-day Woot-Off.


Its pretty amazing at the woot-off.

Considered this last time, but the bits aren’t interchangable with other Dremels. I’m passing again.

My wallet and my sanity cant handle a tow day woot-off

Ooooh I like it…NEXT

I’ve been to some Rotary meetings, but never in Dremel, nor never when a trio performed. Maybe if they had live entertainment, I would have kept going.

Plunge tip, you say?

I really like it but…

“Note: The Dremel Trio uses only Trio accessories. Dremel rotary tool accessories are not compatible with the Trio tool”


looks like there’s a lot of these =(

And there is a crap load of them…oh well, gives me time to drive home from work…

Greedo Dremmeled first!

Han was just doing some touch up work.

How my workshop longs for one of these but my wallet is staunchly in favor of having no fun.

Maybe next time.

List price 172.64
Amazon 94.42


4/5 stars

I’ll pass…

RotoZip > Dremel Rotary

Da Da Da…

Generally $99 in home improvement stores

With a 2 year warranty, this is bound to be much more reliable than the RotoZip I bought a few years ago. Wish I had the cash to get this.

all I really want is a box of sea salt caramels~PLEASE!!!

Wootalyzer was way off on the Samsung laptop. I wouldn’t put much faith in it.