Dremel Trio Rotary Tool Kit

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Just got my Dremel today from last weeks woot-off. This is $5 less now. One thing to point out, you will need to buy new attachements- your previous Dremel tools will not fit in this 3/8 because of increased torque.

Previous non-woot-off:


$93 on amazon. It seems pretty good based on plenty of reviews.


Kinda looks like the pixar lamp

This may be just the edge my son and I need when working on his Pinewood Derby car over the next couple of months. That plunge option will help ensure that the axle holes are perpendicular to the block of wood. I smell victory! MUWAHAHAHAHAHA!!!

froogle starting at $79 ($60 at buy.com not available. Wouldn’t be the first time buy.com sells it for more, then woot).

Several videos to pick from at google video search

Actually, the plunge feature is unguided, exactly like a hand drill. Except worse, because the bits are poorly designed for plunging.

You have to manually adjust the depth of the cut, meaning when you start a plunge cut the base does not touch anything and therefore your axle holes will only be as straight as your hands are steady.


In case you’re too lazy to follow woncoolone’s link, the product manual:


Purchased about a year ago, and I like mine.

There is one big caveat with the Trio: It is not very good at cutting straight lines. The trio always tries to wander to the side, due to the rotation of the bit. This tool is all about detail work and circles and curving stuff by hand. If you want straight lines (in 1/2 inch or thinner wood, btw) you either devise some sort of fence system to guide the tool or you get a jigsaw.

Better collection of sample videos: most are from Dremel’s channel: http://www.youtube.com/user/Dremel410

Non-commercial video: THIS MAY BE THE BEST ONE


A few Dremel Trio commerical type videos:



and if you don’t mind Spanish:


Project videos:
Sign Making

Cutting laminate floor

Wine rack:

When a great tool comes in a really great case it makes it hard for me to pass up. Hardest thing with owning tools is keeping everything together. Nice work Woot!

Wow, at first glance I thought this was a sowing machine of sorts. I’m glad I looked closer before making a purchase decision.

a) give to friend who needs it
b) give to dad for christmas
c) keep for self
d) sell on amazon for $20 profit

…life’s decisions…

Oh cmon, I just bought this from woot the other day for $65 instead of $45. :frowning:

Great father son project!! Why not purchase the derby kit. It has the holes pre-drilled. My son’s cars kicked butt each year. Want to know the secrets? I’ll send u a message.

Make sure you rent the movie “Down and Derby”. Its a great family movie about taking pinewood derby racing to the extreme.

I realy want this, but dont like to work, what else can I do with it?
Would it drill into coconuts?

Was it at $45 earlier today? It’s $49.99 from what I see right now.