Dremel Trio Rotary Tool Kit

I got so excited! I thought it was their rotary tool then I saw it was just the Trio. Sad. Though a good deal none the less.

I saw a lot of mixed feedback on previous Woot postings. But with my coupon, I think I’m going to jump. This could be very useful for many of my craft projects.

Any secrets you can pass along for the derby would be appreciated!

I have one of these things. It is not a precision instrument, but it is great for quick jobs and is especially good at cutting out holes for electrical boxes and the like. Any time you just need good enough, this tool is good enough

The more I look at the videos, the less I want to buy one. It doesn’t seem to do anything really well. Just a quick and dirty get things done type tool. I can probably do everything this tool can do with other tools I already have.

I believe in the instruction manual they have you plunging via tipping it on it’s nose, with the bit just forward of your mark, then rocking it back on to the base with the tool running. You can achieve a fairly controlled opening that way, but it’s a slot, not a hole. The tool really wasn’t made to “plunge” straight in like a router or drill.

My $0.02… Bought one last year because my wife refused to use my jigsaw when we embarked on an earthbox building spree. We made quick work of cutting holes in loads of 5 gallon buckets, and since has been used for a few other projects.

Primarily it gets used as a saw; on thinner/softer material it’s easier (for me) to control than a jigsaw. The rotation does pull it off line as someone mentioned, but a small straight edge works fine as a guide and you don’t have to deal with the added dynamics of a reciprocating blade. But it’s important to match speed setting to the material - You can melt plastic just as easily as you can cut it, and burn wood the same way. It gets used less as a laminate trimmer/router, mainly because we already have better alternatives. But when you just want to knock a sharp corner of of something, it works well.

If this thing is anything like a Rotozip, forget it. Rotary cutting bits are completely worthless. They wander, make a horrible screeching noise, and dull quickly. Buy a decent jigsaw and drill instead.

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I did too, I feel violated