Dremel Trio Tool Kit

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6800-01 or 6800-02???

So the pic shows a Circle/Straight Edge Guide (TR800) but in comparisons, the 6800-02 shouldn’t come with that. Is WOOT either throwing the edge guide in with the 6800-02 or are they using a wrong picture?

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This looks similar to my Rotozip spiral saw, but I don’t think the Dremel’s output power is as strong. That might just be a good thing as my Rotozip can sometimes have too much torque for the project at hand. This Dremel might be best for the hobbist. You want power? Go with a Rotozip.

A word of caution: this has a 3/16" collet, which essentially makes replacement bits a proprietary affair.

Our staff has confirmed that the Circle/Straight Edge Guide (TR800) is in fact provided in today’s offering.

Thanks for spotting the accessory!

I own one of these tools and find it very helpful and worthy, as long as I don’t surpass its design limitations. This tool is made for a hobbyist to be used on very light, thin materials. As such, it gives the usser maximum control for very light duty work. The moment you start using it as a DIY tool around the house, you have likely over stepped the tool’s design limitations. Remember, it only has a 3/16" collet so the maximum diameter of any cutting tool you use is going to be very thin and frail.

Hey I remember this.


Are you saying this part of the description is inaccurate?

  • “Designed to cut multiple materials including wood, plastic, drywall, sheet metal, wall tile and more without switching tools”

2 years later, woot has the refurbished one from the previous sale for only $15 less. That’s an unbelievable deal for woot. Sell once at full price and resale later for a small discount… Gotta love big corporate retailers. They know how to make a buck off of sloppy seconds like it’s no ones business :wink:

I own this tool and it has been pretty robust for me. I used it to increase the diameter of the bore hole in my home’s security doors to install new locks. It gets the job done. All though, it does feel very light. No problems though.

I would be worried about buying a refurbished power tool. Unless they replaced virtually every moving part and just reused the case.

Refurbished doesn’t necessarily mean it was ever broken. If someone returns one that they just didn’t want, then it can no longer be sold as ‘new’ and thus becomes refurbished.

I bought one last time it was on Woot. It’s not bad if you are just cutting drywall or luan. Anything thicker than that will be difficult to cut with the plunge cutter. The wheel cutters and sanders work pretty well and that is the main reason I purchased it. Be aware that this uses a larger bit size and you have to use the larger replacement bits and they are nearly impossible to find at the big box hardware stores. If I had a chance to redo, I would have purchased one of the smaller Dremel tools that use the standard Dremel bits.

I didn’t say that, you did. What I am saying is you may get away with using your 1/4 ton mini pick up truck for hauling heavier payloads once or even twice. However, surpassing the mini truck’s design limitations WILL catch up with you in the form of a large repair bill.

So using this machine for its intended light duty work will keep you and the machine very happy.

So would this be ok for cutting 3/4" MDF…? Or is that asking too much of this?

I haven’t tried the Dremel for this, but MDF is extremely dense and difficult to cut. Ya need POWAH!

Get a Roto-zip instead or a router or similar (you didn’t specify what kind of cuts you need to make).

Thanks for the reply. :slight_smile:
Yeah, I know it’s not the easiest stuff to get through, that’s why I’m doubting whether this is up to the task. It would be for round holes in speaker enclosures (I have just used a jigsaw in the past). It’s not something I would use it for on a regular basis though…

Yeah, a cheap jigsaw for rough holes/odd shapes and this to clean up edges (with a template) would likely work ok. Though for such a specific use there are better tools. A router or a ‘hole saw set’ if you have pretty regular cut sizes.

I’ve used this before to make sites for architectural models and it has a great feel for detail work.