Dress Shirt Luxor

are these children’s shirts???
amazing numbers… if the chest size is only 7" bigger than the neck diameter??? those are some Weird dimensions if they are accurate…
normal dimensions would be
Neck, Chest, Waist, sleeve length
We get here
Neck, Chest(??? see below), sleeve length … and Length???

Standard Chest sizes would be more like
s=34-36 M=38-40 L=42-44 XL=46-48

This shows:

S 21.5"
M 22.5"
L 24"
XL 25"
XXL 26"
3XL 27.5"
4XL 28.5"

an XL shirt with a chest of 25"???

an example of “normal measurements”

and while you’re talking to the vendor,
could you ask if these are designed
“Regular” fit
“Slim fit”
“Extra slim fit”


Hey there! Thanks for pointing this out. We’ve updated the sizing to include a link to this brand’s sizing guidelines. Hope this helps!

Much Better…thanks