Drink Away The Winter Months

Drinking out of the toilet has gone out of style again?

I’m a fashion loser…pass the Vodka bottle please :slight_smile:

When I first saw this I thought for a second that wine.woot had climbed down a bit from its snooty ivory tower and started selling beer :wink: Oh well…

I wonder if the nozzle is plastic or metal. I hate the plastic ones they break.

Doh it says glass and metal. hehe

Are these jars really 1 gallon+? The sizes under specs don’t really make sense. I’m specifically interested in the rooster one, but 1.7 gallons seems huge.

I was all about to get a dispenser but the specs, if they’re even there, seem to be listing box dimensions not the product dimensions. Poor form Woot…

Because of this frustration I accidentally came upon Walmart and found out that you can get 1 gallon glass dispensers for $9. So, I’ll be going there instead.