Drink it In: Caffeine Delivery Systems

I’m popping in here mainly about the grinder. Been needing a new grinder for a little while; mine is stuck and can’t be pushed all the way to full Turkish/espresso. Has anyone used this model?

Maybe a milk frother next coffee theme?

The Capresso 580.01 Burr Grinder is $43 w/ free shipping at Big Daddy Amazon. But the reviews are only 2 1/2 stars. However, almost none of the burr grinders–which are better than blade grinders–seem highly rated. And from what I read the burr grinders take more time and effort to maintain though they are favored by coffee afficandos.

I am hear for the grinder, or grinders in general. Do all grinders produce static electricity in the winter that makes the coffee grounds stick to everything? Mine does, and I have only used one my entire life.


I have this model and I like it. You do have to clean it regularly or it will clog and not run. Cleaning is fast and easy with the brush they provide… just messy.

I got the same Krups espresso machine at Costco for the same price (it wasn’t listed on their website, even when I bought it in store after seeing it in person a month prior). While this isn’t the greatest “deal”, I would definitely recommend it for a basic pump machine.

DO you think this coffee maker will last any longer than the Wolfgang P model I had to throw away after 6 months?

Bought the Capresso coffeemaker 2 or 3 weeks ago. Great! No problems. Easy to use and coffee tastes great etc. Highly recommend.

580 is rubbish. I bought it here about 6-months ago. Very little difference between “coarse” and “fine” settings, and “finest” is nowhere near espresso grind! It’s “OK” if you want to use it with drip/percolator and have fresh ground every morning (though probably not worth the cleaning/maintenance over blade), but not suitable for espresso. Strangely enough, when I called Capresso to complain, they themselves said I should have bought the 560 model…

Better Quote:
It is by caffeine alone I set my mind in motion.
It is by the Beans of Java that thoughts acquire speed,
the hands acquire shaking, the shaking becomes a warning.
It is by caffeine alone I set my mind in motion.

I have an old Capresso Burr grinder - at least 5 years running. I hardly ever clean it. There is virtually no static. It works as well today as it did 5 years ago.

Regarding the grinder:

“Handsome brushed stainless steel housing”


Krups XP3200 Pump Espresso = leaky leaky

looks like description was pulled for the 585 model. there are 2 models, black 580 & the stainless steel 585. this is a good price/machine, bought previous woot, however it’s the 585 with the MSRP of $59.99, the 580 is $49.99