Drinking Filtration Systems

A replacement filter set costs $60 at Home Depot which puts this at roughly $.133/gal.

A three pack of Brita filters costs $15 at my local grocery store (ymmv) which puts that at roughly $.125/gal.

I don’t have a Pelican filter, so I can’t speak for how tasty this water is. I suspect that any activated charcoal based water filter is going to taste about the same though.

I haven’t decided if I prefer the reclaimed counter space with the Pelican or the instant availability of the Brita. That is, would I prefer (slow) water on demand or instant water (albeit thinking ahead and filling my Brita before I’m thirsty)?

How fast do these pour? I have a refrigerator where I prop my glass, leave the room to do things and come back to get the glass.

Can this be used in foreign countries like Mexico, to purify the water?

The Pelican drinking water models PDF-450BN, PDF-UC-BN, and PDF-UC-C all filter 60 contaminates while Brita only filter 54. Pelican filters chloramine, mercury, and cysts. Brita does not.

The Pelican filters pour at 0.5/gallons per minute.

Why does this have two water line inputs?

The drinking system can be used on treated water in Mexico or other countries.

One line is the supply line that diverts water from your faucet to the filter. The other line returns filtered water back to the faucet.