Drinkwell Multi-Tier Fountain

**Item: **Drinkwell Multi-Tier Fountain
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I have a Drinkwell Fountain (not this one) and all 3 kittehs love it. You will need to clean it like once a week though.

My roommate’s cat has this fountain, and my cat, small, loves the heck out of it. But roommate’s cat and small loathe each other and so she never gets to use it (it’s downstairs). I was given a slightly different water fountain, but it’s more like an outdoor fountain, and she’s not into it. We had not bought this one because it was $40 at Petco.

Whenever we go into the bathroom my cat races ahead of us and demands that we run the water for her. Actually, if we even pass the bathroom she’ll run in and demand a water tribute. She’ll drink the still water in her dish, but she really loves running, but we think she wants it to fall, and the one we got her spits. Totally in for this.

I was thinking of purchasing the fountain until I watched the video on how to clean it…too much fuss :confused:

Let’s check out the manual

Check out the product page

Let’s learn all about pet safe

One may think that aeration increases the growth of mold, mildew and other microbes. It’s not scientific but my experience has been that the growth rate actually decreases, possibly because the movement prevents microbes from taking hold. The charcoal filter also helps. Regardless, it’s important to change the water daily to keep it fresh for your pet.

IN recent years, still water has been a risk for mosquito eggs and larvae, leading to the transmission of West Nile virus. The moving water of this fountain prevents this risk.

most of them have these std fishpumps, which is even harder to clean than it looks. Plus all the water fountain’s surface should be washed to clean the slimy buildup that will eventually form.

These are a nightmare to clean! The plastic discolores very easily and you can’t scrub it because it will just scratch the plastic. Bacteria and gunk grows really fast on the inside as are really tough to get out

Saying that, my cat only drinks from a fountain and she loved this one. So if you are up to cleaning it, then this is a great purchase!

So it seems that the general consensus is that these are relatively tough to clean and need cleaning regularly.

Are there any pet fountains that are easy (or easier) to clean?

My beloved late cat loved his fountains. We always had either a Drinkwell or a Petmate. I was never able to find replacement motors for the Drinkwell so I had to replace about once a year. It is a bit of a pain to clean but it’s so worth it to see your cat enjoying it.

can anyone who owns one of these speak to the noise level of operation? we have a similar product, and while the cat loves it long time, the constant hum of it will likely drive me mad.

These are actually not that difficult to clean. I have a larger one as well as this one, and this one only takes a few minutes. Get a set of pet-fountain cleaning brushes and it’s easy.

All fountains like this should be cleaned weekly, but cats, especially, like the moving water so they drink more which makes them healthier. Get the replacement filters from eBay; the ones in the pet stores are usually more expensive.

I do have a problem with this fountain and an older kitten: he likes to play fetch with little yarn puff balls, but drops them into the fountain before bringing them back to me. :}

I’m in for one, I like the two tier design. I have other ones that are just deep dishes and I was tired of them. You do have to clean them, big deal, you have to clean all their bowls anyway. The cats and dogs love the running water and it is a minor inconvenience.

Not good if you plan on going away for a short trip. There is no sensor on the pump to shut down if the water level gets too low. That runs a risk of burning out the pump.

I have two cats that I love dearly so please don’t take this the wrong way, but what the heck do you all mean when you say “my cat loves this!” My cats drink water from a bowl, they’ve never complained about it, and now I’m not sure how to tell if they’re really loving the experience of drinking water or just doing it to survive. What do your cats do - in addition to drinking the water - that indicate a higher order of satisfaction?

Yours don’t leave notes & blow kisses? Pity.

I’m just guessing here but … cats often like the humming of machines and if your cat sits by this thing even when not drinking, then it probably likes the thing. Also, if your cat isn’t sick and it seems to urinate more, that indicates an increase in drinking. That probably means it likes the fountain.