"Driven from Time to Time" Accessory Pouch

"Driven from Time to Time" Accessory Pouch

“Uncluded Extras”? Cool design, but I don’t think that spelling error is intentional.

Good catch!! I think they need to fix that before they print this on anything!!

I actually clicked on this to ask if they can guarantee their quality from their 3rd party printer. When I buy a zipper pouch if it has words near the bottom sometimes they are cut off partially OR I get a totally different design than I ordered. :worried: Then I am told they can’t reprint the order (they do refund, but I still don’t get what I really wanted).

I hope they get that spelling error fixed. I just sent the link to all these items to our jeweler who happens to own a DeLorean!! Now what would you expect from that jeweler? Yep he designs geeky wedding rings (and everyday) our wedding bands happen to be a TARDIS themed. <3

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It happens…thanks for sending them a new file…I’ll definitely be ordering! I might get the zipper pouch too that way it is always in my Tesla when I do meet ups with other EV owners (you know we’re all geeky for the most part) and when we see our jeweler again! I’ll definitely be pointing people that ask about it to shirt woot to get it! (Hey, ever think about doing a themed Tesla car shirt? they sure are rare! and I’d be happy to answer questions or give ideas)

I ordered both a t-shirt and the zipper pouch! Such a cool design…I hope by wearing a DeLorean shirt when driving a Tesla it doesn’t cause some kind of time warp into another dimension when I hit 88 miles per hour I can reach that speed a little faster than the DeLorean could back in the day… now waiting somewhat patiently for an awesome Tesla shirt to wear on the way back from the future. (oh pleaseeeeee)