"Driven from Time to Time" Tote Bag

"Driven from Time to Time" Tote Bag

Come on, guys - it was going so well, and then “Uncluded Extras”?? Can’t ignore that, it’s like saying “that splinter in your finger, it’s such a MINOR splinter, a really tiny little thing” (which will be Really Annoying over time)…

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We’re correcting that.

Um, isn’t that embedded in the silk-screen (for the t-shirt, etc)? But okay, “There Is Hope”…

Kinda feels like
“Behind the scenes at a Disney Giftshop”.

We’ve been digital printing shirts for a few years now. It’s just a matter of uploading new art. :smiley:


I’m impressed (in a sample size of four report paths) how many people jumped in. Wasn’t quite checking for “Whose on First!”

It’s changed on the website. I just ordered a shirt and a zipper pouch…maybe I beat ya to it? :wink: