Driving To Work

In case you missed this … Day of Reckoning…the shirts now available for 2nd chance are from current and prior week, plus the ten most popular-to-date of the remainders. (NOTE: As always… shirts first become available for 2nd chance the day after originally offered – and always for an extra $5.)

Current week:
3681 = Driving To Work
3680 = Pirate Trip
3677 = If You Want To Destroy My Chainmail
Prior week:
3675 = Reality Isn’t For Everyone
3669 = Hello Squidbucket!
3667 = Chimpanzee Robusto
3666 = Nerdy Laundry
3664 = American Samurai
Reckoning Survivors:
01 Nobody’s Perfect
02 Sea Chimp
03 Sore Thumbs
04 Unhappy Meeting
05 Threat Level: Doctorow
06 Rat Rod
07 The Rustic
08 Snowmen In Heat
09 Cube One
10 Too Hungry
plus, until further notice…
shirt.w00t! Launch

The shirts that are no longer available – the reckoned:
11 Scales & Bubbles
12 Sci-Fi Weenie Roast
13 Robot Service
14 The Must-See Comedy Shirt of the Summer
15 Word Problem
16 This Here’s My Unicorn-Huntin’ Gun


hurts my eyes

Got one, first shirt.woot :smiley:

Is there a way to look at the design closer? It seems that something is written on it, but i can read it.

Eww, another boy shirt.

I just need to know - is there something wrong with having designs on vivid colored shirts? What I mean is this… white t-shirts are begging to become dirty rediculously easily or to develop stains that you can never remove thus ruining ever wanting to wear it again - Gah!


… I dont get it…

What is it?

could this be my first shirt.woot purchase?

I’m in for one. This one looks cool to look at.

Perfect for the Motorcyclist that I am.
I’ll wear it while on my '94 Low Rider (*last of the *FXR’s).

I wish I could zoom in to actually see the details!

I second that. I will have to pass.

If you haven’t listened to today’s podcast on the main Woot! site… you’re missing something.

Agreed. I love the design, but I have too many white (see: stained) shirts.

Doesn’t do much for me…mostly because I can’t see a high res enough picture. :-\

I don’t understand the meaning of the shirt title in relation to the design. Am I missing something? And don’t tell me I’m missing a brain!

I certainly like this direction. Nice style, as opposed to very poorly drawn cartoon pirates/snakes.