Droid Turbo 2 32GB--S&D,VZW/GSM Unlocked



Droid Turbo 2 32GB--S&D,VZW/GSM Unlocked


I bought one of these when they were offered on Woot in Dec. 2017 for $140, and I’m still using it. I really like this phone. Works with Verizon, all I had to do was take it in to a Verizon store to get a SIM card.


  • Shatter-proof screen. I’ve dropped this phone a couple of times on a hard concrete sidewalk and only got minor scratches on the corner of the case. And I don’t have a screen protector installed (although maybe I should so I don’t get so many scratches on the screen).
  • Wireless charging.
  • Decent rear camera. Not as good as an iPhone, but pretty decent.
  • Moto Actions. Since I also use my phone for work, my company requires me to encrypt it, which also means using at least an 8-character password to unlock the screen (kind of a pain in the ass when I want to access my phone quickly). With Moto Actions, I can turn on the flashlight or the camera with just a twist of the wrist, without entering a password to unlock the screen. Really handy.
  • I happened to get a phone with 64GB of internal memory instead of 32GB. Woo hoo! I added a 32GB memory card, though, just to have that extra memory.


  • Front facing camera isn’t that great.
  • Battery life. I can usually get by on a full day if I’m using the phone lightly. A couple of things that you can do to extend the battery life:
    ** Turn down the screen brightness, especially if you’re using an app like Waze where you have the screen on for long periods of time. The brighter the screen, the faster the battery is going to drain.
    ** Kill apps that are running in the background. You’d be surprised as to how many apps run in the background. I use an app called Hibernator to kill the ones I don’t need constantly running.
  • Since this is a refurb, there may be some things that don’t quite work right. For example, on my phone, the USB port doesn’t seem to work, i.e., it won’t charge using the USB cable (even though I see the little lightning bolt icon over the battery) nor will it connect properly to my laptop for file transfers. Fortunately I can use a wireless charger to get around the first problem, and an app called Air Droid for file transfers.
  • Green line running down the screen. If you do a Google search on droid turbo green lines, you’ll see a problem that has appeared on some users’ phones, including mine. This started happening about 6 months after I got my phone, and it seems to be a connection problem with the screen, i.e., if you press down towards the bottom of the screen, the line(s) disappear. My feeling is that it’s caused by constantly carrying the phone in one’s back pocket and sitting on it, putting stress on the screen. I also noticed that when I was sitting on the phone, the phone would sometimes reboot. To fix it, I got the screen replaced, which cost me about $100. So now I either carry the phone in my front pocket, or in a holster that clips to my belt.

The price now is so cheap, I’m seriously considering buying another one just to have as a spare.


No OS upgrades since Lollipop?


I’m seeing that Nougat (the 7.0 version, not 7.1) is available.



I got one of these as a refurb, they’re unbreakable, never used a case. It came with like 2 dead pixels but still one of the greatest phones i’ve ever had the pleasure of using. They don’t make 'em like this anymore.


Thank you for that feedback! Always happy to hear from happy customers :slight_smile:


If they’re unbreakable…

… why are there refurbs?

(I’m still picking one up because I have a couple of Micro USB accessories that I’d like to keep using, and this is about as cheap as I’ll find for a phone that I can use them with.)


Recently I tried to activate a Samsung S4 on the Verizon network. But I guess the S4 does not work with 4G. And Verizon is no longer activating a bunch of phones that they would have previously. To me this is very recent…I don’t know when they started this…the beginning of this year maybe?

So I’m gun-shy to buy a phone even if it says it will work on Verizon. The C/S on the Verizon site can’t tell me for certain if a phone will work on their network without the IMEI number.

Is there any way to get an IMEI number for this phone that you are selling WOOT so that I can check to be sure it will work???
THANK you in advance for your time!!


Owed this phone for two years. Regarding your USB charging issue, check your charger. If it is not a Turbo Power Supply, it will maintain a charge but that’s about it. Most wireless charger are Turbo/Quick Charge. I invested in a wired turbo for home and one for auto - no problems. Hope that works for you.


maybe battery replacements