Droid Turbo2 32GB Unlocked VZW & GSM S&D

Bought one last time, battery was TERRIBLE, already got a different phone.

Been using one for a couple of years now through Verizon. Has no issues running just about any app, half-decent camera, but the battery is absolutely horrible. Within three days of taking it home it was dead within 14 hours.

Also be sure that it has ALL the GSM bands needed. Some only have the 3G bands. Check first.

Got one of these last time they were offered at 150. Speaker was toast (crackled and was useless) and the wifi hotspot did not work unless the device was right next to the phone. I already have one of these I’ve been using for two years with no problems and thought this would be great for my wife. These must be broken ones only partially fixed pawned off by Woot to try and make a buck. Sad. Won’t get a referb anything from Woot again.

Did you contact CS about the issues? These do have a warranty.

Does anyone have the model number?

Per the title: XT1585V

Thanks, I just saw that when I logged in on my desktop. It doesn’t display that on the mobile app.

I got mine a few days ago, and right now I’m loving it a lot more than my old Samsung Galaxy 4 Mini. And somehow I got lucky & got a model with 64GB of storage instead of 32GB.

I’m having a couple of problems, though. The charge time seems to be nowhere near as fast as described, i.e., plugging the phone in for 15 minutes doesn’t significantly charge up the phone. I got the Qi wireless charging stand, and that seems to charge the phone more quickly.

But the most annoying problem is that when I connect the phone to my laptop, the computer doesn’t register the phone at all. I’m pretty sure it’s not the cable, because I’ve tried multiple cables, plus I’ve tried unplugging the Droid and plugging in my Samsung and the Samsung gets recognized right away. I’ve also tried the solution given here but it didn’t work. It’s not bad enough a problem to return the phone, I am using AirDroid as a workaround, but it would sure be nice to be able to have the functionality of using the Droid as an external drive.