Druid Leap Year

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Nice hustle, Tgent… that means 2nd through 4th were REAL tight

Great job TG! You could almost make a career out of this :slight_smile:

nice job, hotshot!

Great job again TGentry!!! We always see quality when you design!

Yep! Sadly, looks like I’ll only be getting one of the shirts I was waiting for. Goodnight, all!

Wow, I am shocked. This means either the giraffes or the lemmings, but not both. :frowning: Damn you TGentry, damn you for your talent and for lowering the overall cuteness level of shirt.woot. :frowning:

Wow, I post my disliking of a shirt and my comment gets removed?

Get off your high horse, woot. The design is terrible. Let me voice my opinion.

If you have a problem with that, you have my address and you know where to send back all the money I’ve spent here on shirts with quality designs.

Another fine entry… great job and congrats!

Why not tell us why you don’t like it? I know, it’s hard, but give it a shot.

Hurray! My favorite shirt got 2nd! An exquisite design, kudos.

The colors don’t stick out. Stonehenge looks like a bunch of molars.
I understand the concept, but it was poorly executed.
Pretty boring, in my opinion.

To each his own, though…

Congrats TGent… you’re setting the bar lately. Could be a pun in there somewhere with your shirt today, but anyway. I liked your use of 3d for the perspectives as i am a product design engineer that works primarily in 3d modeling. It turned out great, I just can’t imagine wearing it :-/ I’m sure there’ll be plenty of sales!

Crossing my fingers for the lemmings tomorrow night… I have faith that they pulled in to the chump slot.

Congrats Tgentry, another wonderful win.

So - if i get this i can finally have a “stoned” shirt? Too bad “Stonewashed” is passe…

Tgent is unstoppable! (is he the new cho?)

In for one! This is the main one that Clint wanted during the whole derby! Good idea and execution

my first purchase in like 3 weeks!!! finally a good design on a good color!

Patch it’s not stonewashed that is out of the loop, it’s rodents, didnt’ you hear?? :wink: