Dry Creek Vineyard - 3 Pack



Dry Creek Vineyard - 3 Pack
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** Wine**
1 Dry Creek 2006 Sonoma County Fumé Blanc
1 Dry Creek 2005 Estate Fumé Blanc DCV3
1 Dry Creek 2005 Taylor’s Vineyard Musqui

Links above to CellarTracker.


I’m in! I loves me some fume blanc!


dry white wine?

no thanks.



Cool. Never heard of it. Really intrigued. Going to do more research…


I correctly guess the winery, but I’m not a big white drinker. Hoping for some of those reds come Wed. I’d love to try them.


Awwright Winedavid! I was hoping you’d give us some quality whites for summer. These look tempting.


Oh well, Ohio’s off the map for this one, so the decision is out of my hands.


These multi wine weeks are getting dangerous - glad to see the whites - if only to give my CC a rest…looking forward to some reds (maybe?) on Wed…


Now we know what he meant by “Just getting started…” - another double week!
I’m scared to think of the day in the future when wine.woot goes daily like regular woot.


I’ll have to be convinced this week…


I’ve seen this @ the local grocery & might go pick a bottle up for Rogue-Ratting.

Wanna see what the winemaker has to say about these 3 100% SB wines.


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Mill on top again (it took 21 seconds!). And I caught nallie wooting.
Ok let’s try to figure out where mill is. Only 3 states lit up right now, CA, WA and FL. Nallie is in CA?


When it was just Mill - Florida was the only state lit.

I’m going to sleep on this one. SB is a take it or leave it varietal for me. Grapefruit just isn’t in my typical wine basket, if you will. If someone can give me an answer to how dry these really are, it might push me over…

styx = river
wind = dry

Good hints!


I’m sure this new offering will appeal to the many who like whites!

Right now I’m regretting I exercised “too much willpower” in dragging my feet on the TC Field Blend. (Yes, I did order the first TC offering last week.)

WineDavid, maybe wine.woot ought to allow additional chances to purchase the past offer after expiration a la shirt.woot (juvie.woot2). I realize there might be logistical difficulties to overcome–such as getting in additional wine–but it might be worthwhile. But presumably on wine that doesn’t sell out you already have available allocation.


Nallie is in SoCal, by San Diego.

Need some whites!! In for one, and maybe gifting myself more later …

Dry Creek Vineyard - 3 Pack
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Ah I was wondering if someone caught it, I wasn’t paying attention at first. So, FL hmm.


Link to the winery




I’ve been Weight Watchering with a vengeance since January and am pleased to have dropped 30+ pounds as a result of my efforts. With an increased focus on eating lighter, healthier meals I find white wines are included on my menus with increasing frequency. Thanks for making this part of my menu planning so much easier. With the Ty Caton reds from last week, I’m in for a delicious summer.

In for three!



We need the OVZ on Wednesday…

and the Cab if you can swing it…