Dry Shine Waterless Car Wash & Wax 2 Can Kit

Dry Shine works super well. I have used it before but it’s not easy to find. Lucky to find it here - I’ll be stocking up. Very easy to use - took about 20-25 minutes to detail my car’s exterior, and it looked great. Best part - no hose, pale, multiple towels or mitts. Thumbs up!

How badly does it scratch and swirl your paint? Without water, or at least multiple microfibers, you’re just pushing dirt all around your paint which will lead to swirls and scratches.

Awesome item- works amazingly well.
Woot: Will you be offering this regularly? Can you up the maximum to 5 per customer?

Since everyone has been so positive about these, we have been the OK to up the max quantity to 5! Who said Woot never did anything for you?

Really works well.