Dual 3-Way Audio Floor Tower Speaker Ea.

Unless you have just 1, why would I want just 1 speaker? Your limit is 1 bro. I want 2. Make it happen and I’ll buy 2.

So basically after all the woot employees got their sets, you had 3 left to sell. Somebody in California got their pair and you have one left. Classic! lol still better than buying two at full price, but for an impulse buy, I too , will need 2

No I’ve only got 1. I’m asking for another. I will cancel if not allowed. Simple oversight but who wants 1 speaker? someone with 1 ear?

Live music is usually presented in mono anyway. There is very little stereo separation in the audience at a venue.

WAT? Thanks for the info Mr. Contrarian, I’m not going to be listening to a live concert, this is in my living room. Do you use just one speaker? Do you have just one ear?