Dual-Head Portable LED Worklight

Dual-Head Portable LED Worklight


2000 Lumins? That’s like 130W light bulb in each light. My halogen set is 10 times as bright. yes they are hot and the bulbs don’t last as long. but in the NE a hot bulb in the winter can be a good thing.

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Bought these last time they were up for use in my automotive detailing business… they are plenty bright, stay nice and cool compared to non-led lights, easy to set up with lots of adjustments and breaks down nicely for storage. Quality piece and can recommend as a solid light.

I bought one of these in an earlier sale and also have a halogen work light. These are just as bright, just as white and the light seems to disperse better than the halogen. And of course it isn’t nearly as dangerous as the halogen since they don’t get hot and I won’t have to replace the bulbs like I do (pretty often) with the halogen.