Duarte Georgetown Mountain Estate Tempranillo - 3 Pack

Duarte Georgetown Mountain Estate Tempranillo - 3 Pack
$49.99 + $7.00 shipping
2 2007 Mountain Estate Tempranillo
1 2008 Mountain Estate Tempranillo
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I gotta ask you, Wine.Woot: what’s with all the Tempranillo?

Listen to the Vintner Voicemail on the page.

The Vintner Voicemail hopefully sums it up but I’m lurking if you have questions. - El Jefe

*edit… maybe the permit volume was exceeded…

Anybody know why are these wines not on the winery website? It only shows two Cabs and a PS.

So, I know The Spaniard is available elsewhere, but I am hoping we will see it offered here, perhaps as a different vintage.

That would be unfortunate… for my credit card.

It looks like the web site is due for a little updating (judging from the note on the right hand side of the home page.) I can say from experience that newer wineries tend to have plenty on their plate and sometimes the web page is not top priority.

Even though DG is a newer winery they come from a long grape growing tradition in the form of Duarte Nursery down in the Central Valley. These folks do know how to grow them! In fact, all of the vines we planted at Twisted Oak came from Duarte, and we’re very happy with them!!

My credit card wouldn’t be happy, but I am waiting til the last min. to see if it shows up here!

I have to wonder if midnight this changes to a full blown all-site woot off.

Hoping for same… and something from Jarvis. I found the list of TAPAS members. If I counted correctly, there are 75 wineries! That makes me somewhat doubtful that we’ll get to see the Spaniard since there was already an offering from Twisted Oak.

I know that El Jefe can’t spill the beans about specific wines coming up but perhaps could give us a clue as to whether we might see anything else from TO during the Wine-Off?

TAPAS Member List

I totally missed that! Definitely understand the time pressure on a new business, especially a winery.

If they provide you with your vines, then that’s clearly a good sign. Will have to think on this…

Tasting notes from the TAPAS – 2011
4th Annual Grand Tasting – June 5, 2011

“Duarte Georgetown 2007 Tempranillo, El Dorado County. Blended with 1% Petit Verdot. Medium color, with minerally and bright black cherry, plum, and herb aromas, along with a touch of pepper. Big and structured, with a very grippy tannic finish. A promising wine that needs time to mellow out.”

“Duarte Georgetown 2008 Tempranillo, El Dorado County. Blended with 1% Petit Verdot. Medium color, this was earthier and less minerally than the ’07, with a bigger herbal component as well. Mouthfilling, with firm, chewy tannins.”

The Spaniard is on lot 18 for a great price, I think I will try one of these to compare.

Yes, which is why you can be sure you won’t see it here this time. Wasn’t my choice to have these overlap but stuff happens.

Thanks! Quite the pity, though.

However, I will wait for it to show up here again.