Duck Duck Goose

To be honest, I think an opportunity was missed here… the ball could have hit the goose in the butt. Why should the ducks get a double meaning but not the goose? :stuck_out_tongue:

A duck walks into a bar.

The bartender says, “Hey, pal. Your pants are down!”

Quite. That’s not what goosing looks like!

Highly appropriate as yesterdays 100th Regular Show was about ducks and geese.

Duck, Duck, Turducken, Pheasant, Moose, Duck, Duck, THWUNK GOOSE!!!

Anyone that calls it “Duck Duck, Grey Duck” is a dirty liar.

Hmmm, is that why they call it a goose bump?

ha ha ha : )

And the ducks are grey becauuuuuse…? This shirt is biased against and confusing to Minnesotans.

From the facebook thumbnail this looked like it could have been a trig function joke shirt or something. Didn’t make the connection until I read the title.

Hah, nice use of literal.

Triple unfiltered.

I came here to say I can’t buy this because I’m Minnesotan (even though I was born and raised in ‘goose’ territory), but I see that’s been covered already.

Looks like a scene out of the video game Rhythm Heaven. Duck duck goose! You fail.

As an upper-midwesternite I have to say that the correct game name is “Duck, Duck, Grey Duck”…

Wow, the writeup broke my heart. Hang in there guy! The funnies’ll come to you one day! Just believe!

I’m a pigeon.

The goose does have a double meaning, he’s being hit by a baseball, which is something Goose Gossage of the Yankees was famous for, hitting batters.

Oh Goose. Always dying in training accidents.