Duck River Bedding Sets

The Leila 10 piece sets say “dry clean” under the features. Is that just for the comforter or for all the pieces? If it’s the latter, that seems like a really expensive proposition down the line.

Where are the material listings??

The only reference I see to the material used is “soft microfiber”. I’m assuming that probably makes these polyester - but then why “dry clean only”??

Yes, these are polyester. We went by the manufacturer’s instructions and they stated dry cleaning.

Am I seeing things but that taupe I have tried on three different monitors plus the HDMI TV is actually DUN colored (if you don’t know the color DUN - look the word up) and that gray kind of clashes.

But when you go to the Burgundy or Purple - suddenly it’s the true color but switch back to Taupe, you’ll see what I mean - weird huh?

Having worked with an independent designer I learned a few secrets/tricks over the years.

One was that anything can be cold water hand washed. Even if it is marked “Dry Clean Only” it can be cold water hand washed. Of course attempting something large like a comforter may be better handled by a dry cleaner but if you do have a large bathtub and don’t mind working a lot!!! and if your washing machine has a good gentle spin etc etc… you should be good to go.

The other items should be much easier.

I was shocked to learn that even a suit jacket was cold water hand washable. The only difficulty is reshaping the thing. I wouldn’t go and dump it in a bathtub but rather brush with gentle soap on spots and if it was really stinky give it a gentle dip in a shallow bath of gentle soap then rinsing in another shallow bath of cold water trying to keep the shape.

There are probably instructions on the net but don’t be scared of the “Dry Clean Only” label.

Its a lovely bed set. Just the one I’ve been search my new decor in my room. However I am unable to order? I have more than enough to pay for it? Why is the website refusing to accept my payment? Is there a number I can call to place the order? Thanks in advance!

Sorry for the problem. A couple things to check:

Shipping: Make sure you’re shipping to the 48 contiguous states for this sale. Shipping to Alaska, Hawaii, PO Boxes and APO addresses not available for this item

Addresses: Make sure your address on Woot matches the address on your payment source… exactly.

It could be that your bank is denying the charges.

Hope that helps.

You were absolutely right! It turns out the 2nd half of my zip code was incorrect. I was able to order when I changed it! Thank you, I look forward to my new bed set!

What is the color of the trim on the Rael and Arden sets? Hard to tell on my screen. Thanks.

Just received the set yesterday and can say that this has been the worst online purchase I have ever made. The fabric and the workmanship of the skirt and shams is inferior as both ripped at the seams and additionally one had a grease stain on it. The comforter had such an overwhelming chemical odor to it, it had to be removed from the bedroom. I am very disappointed with Woot marketing such a poor product.

Sorry for the problems with the quality. Please email for assistance. Include your Woot username and order number for faster service.