Duck River Textile Sensations 63-Inch Grommet Panel, Purple

Limit 3? Like most folks, I like 2 panels at least per window opening.

Not my color, but come on now, who orders just 3 curtain panels?

I need 4 and 5 would be better. Usually when I ask this, I am told to open a second account or get a friend to buy some for me. I see they didn’t sell out and this IS my color.

Well there ya go then. My cat, Mr Whiskers, has been known to jump on my keyboard and order things…shhh…it’s a secret…I think he may have problem.

The “Flash Deals” are Amazon’s (not Woot sales) junk yard anyways. I don’t think anybody would quibble with you on buying up their overstock–but the extra $5 shipping is kind of a burn.

Maybe call in tomorrow during business hours and see if they will lump it all into one order?

Nope, too much trouble. This holdover from the glory days of Woot can go now as far as I am concerned. It’s getting like I may as well quit bothering stopping by with half of the categories gone, still no search, but the stupid 3 item limit firmly in place on items you normally need at least 4 of. It’s not like these curtains are so heavy they’re going to lose a lot more on the $5 shipping by letting me buy one more, especially since I usually buy several items at a time anyway.