DUEX On-The-Go Dual Screen Laptop Monitor

DUEX On-The-Go Dual Screen Laptop Monitor

If this were $125 I’d buy it. $200 for a 12.5 inch portable 1080p usb c screen is a tough sell, especially on a deal site, when there are very nice 15+ inch 1080p usb c portable screens out there in the $120 range. Being able to attach to the back of your laptop with magnets is not worth eighty bucks.


I have one of these from their Kickstarter campaign. It works well, and I like the fact it pivots and flips as needed. My only beef is that on my Mac I can’t adjust the brightness.

there were a bunch of aoc on the go screens show up on woot in the sub $100 price… why is this worth 2x the price?

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Where I work, we got a bunch of the AOC screens. They’re OK, but they require two USB ports and a Y-cable to supply enough power, and the screens don’t last long. They’re cheaply made, and I’ve had several go bad because the USB connector on the back broke. We’ve started getting ASUS portable monitors instead (MB168B) from the mothership site, and they’re much higher quality and only need one port. The only problem with the ASUS monitor is that the company pretends the case that comes with it will work as a stand for the screen. It does not, even if you follow their instructions. Instead, we just buy cheap tablet stands to use with the monitors.

The DUEX monitor on sale today looks interesting, but at someone else said above, I’m not sure it’s worth an extra $50-$80 just to have the screen magnetically attached.

Not sure how I feel about getting a product that the Indiegogo backers haven’t even received yet.


I bought one of those AOC monitors for $89. It’s worked well except for two major issues. It doesn’t fit in my laptop bag and it is not 1080p (the AOC is 1600 x 900). If this was available at the time, I would have bought this. If that’s not convincing, I sometimes work in small areas or in peoples homes and there is not enough workspace geography to support the sprawl of two monitors and a mouse (I don’t like the trackpad). I may get this but there are no ratings. I’ll have to think hard about it.

Why do they say this won’t work with my Dell Latitude?! Does anyone know?

$199 is a good chunk towards an iPad and another $10 will get you Duet ( https://www.duetdisplay.com/) , an iOS app that turns your device into a second montitor. Plus, you know, iPad.



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Why does this not work with a Microsoft Surface? I hook up a tv through a usb adapter all the time.

Is this only a display-link type monitor, or does it support USB-C alt mode video?

If just display-link, well, not interested :frowning:

I’ve been using the ASUS MB168B+ for about 4 years now and completely agree with your comments. I looked at the AOC screens and didn’t choose them because they required a second power source and it was twice as thick. The ASUS is by far worth it. I have no need to spend $200 for half the size…

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Almost pulled the trigger, but then got lost in hunt for other brands with better reviews and more history. Asus seems to have a fairly strong hater-crowd, second only to AOC. Everything that has decent review averages seems to have a bunch of really suspect 5-star reviews (like so many other things out there these days… sigh)

So I just downloaded the Spacedesk driver and Android app and hooked up my Kindle Fire HD for free. Not elegant, but functional and free. The only major issue is the mouse, it’s kludgy moving between screens, but since I tend to type, Alt-TAB and TAB a lot more than I mouse for what I am doing (spreadsheets).

Thanks for all of the comments - I took a more serious look at this than I would have, so you saved me some $$.

AOC makes a single usb c cable 1080p 15 inch screen that has been available for about 125 usd. I have one. The old model required 2 old style usb cables.

I love the Woot sayings especially the one for this monitor

I bought it. It’s uncontrollably switching the screens back and forth. There is no tech support. Total disappointment.


Hi there. Did you contact Mobile Pixels?

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