DUEX On-The-Go Dual Screen Laptop Monitor



DUEX On-The-Go Dual Screen Laptop Monitor


C’mon Woot, what is up with these garbage products?


$200 for a 1.5lb monitor?! Yeesh. That’s like strapping a Nintendo Switch to the back of your laptop. Say goodbye to your laptop hinges after about a month or two of use with this thing.


Hey, once you go dual monitor, it’s hard to work without it.


Hi there. The owner of DUEX reached out after seeing your post. He asks that you contact him directly at contact@mobilepixels.us.

He’s waiting to assist you.


Maybe if he’s reading ask him to proofread what I presume is a copy paste from somewhere I just awoke and looked at this on woot for a millisecond skim to see why on earth I would buy this after seeing stand and not looking up yesterday.

Unfortunately, a second desktop monitor doesn’t help employees when they WORK FROM HOME or travel.

  • 43% of employed Americans say they spend at least some time working remotely
  • 488 million business trips are taken annually in the U.S.
  • 87% of students use laptops to complete coursework. This is why DUEX stepped in.


I am on my second USB powered 2nd display on MBP
I started out with the cheap AOC lo-res model, talk about a finicky connection, but i loved it for travel.
I’m a consultant so I spend time working in hotel rooms, but slow response, fat body, lousy viewing angle and fat bezel.
Then Apple pretty much broke all non USB-C monitors, AOC came up with a hack but eventually I bought a refurb ASUS ZenScreen for a lot more, more then this one and I love it.
Native USB-C, hi-res, fast refresh, thin, tiny bezel, beautiful display, great viewing angle and there is no going back.

I note that no where in the specs does it say what the USB connection is and that is super important for response and if it will work with Mac OK. As far as I know the USB issue is fixed for a single extra display but multiple displays are only over USB-C.

My coworkers have the higher end 17" AOC USB3 (cheaper then this with similar specs) and the ZenScreen (which is why I bought mine).

So i went over to indiegogo and verified it’s a USB-C connection. That means this IS a viable product.
Based on me just looking at the site (not ever using it) this doesn’t seem too bad except the size and bezel.
It’s a 12.5 screen at 1080P and the AOCs are 15, 16 and 17 but crappy LCDs.
The ZenScreen is 16 (15.6") with a beautiful screen at $240 on amazon.
I must say the mounting is VERY clever. AOC has a kickstand and ZenScreen has a cover that folds into an easel but both require lots of table area whereas this is attached to the laptop.
I feel like it’s still over priced compared to the ZenScreen retail of $240


I got one of these on the previous sale for my work Lenovo and my personal Chromebook. I connected it to the USB-C on the Chromebook and it was flakey. It kept going in and out. It was solid when I connected it to the USB 3.0 SS port. It looks great.


I don’t agree that it’s garbage like one post. However, I don’t like the way it’s packaged without a clear explanation of port requirements. It didn’t work with the USB-C ports on my Chromebook and perhaps that’s why they’re having problems on Mac Books.


My club meets at local Irish Pub and many guest presenters have “glitching” due to lack of power delivery (display and USB both) almost always a Mac.