DUEX On-The-Go Dual Screen Laptop Monitor

DUEX On-The-Go Dual Screen Laptop Monitor

It’s funny, buying from Woot, this item is cheaper and will be delivered faster than the people who contributed to its indiegogo campaign will get it.

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I had the lo-res AOC and replaced it with the Asus Zenscreen which is far superior. I have not tried the Duex and I really like the mount but the mount also really kills the screen size. Asus is thin and thin bezel very easy to carry along side my MBP in my bag, just the easel setup takes a lot of desk space you don’t always have. Based on what I’ve read this is a decent quality screen unlike the AOC.

Oh and I have Duet for my iPad pro, still prefer the Asus, it’s worth he money, which is really almost the same as this

Doesn’t work with Microsoft Surface or Dell Latitude laptops… so the vast majority of business users that would actually use this are SOL?

The Indiegogo page says it’s compatible with any laptop…

I don’t have this nor do I have any desire to research it, but it’s a USB connection to the laptop. As long as there is a USB 3.0 port and normal video drivers in use, how is this any different than any USB docking station/usb 3 to HDMI adapter that works with every Windows 10 computer I’ve plugged into, including Surface Pros and Dell Latitudes?

I participated in the Kickstarter for this and received the product earlier this year… it definitely works with Dell Latitude laptops. I’m actually looking at it working right now with my work-assigned Latitude 7280. I did have to install the drivers for it though, so if you were having problems, that could be the cause. It is currently connected to the USB C port.