Purty shore thats not how its spelt.

La Brea swimming hole?

O Dinosaur, Where Art Thou?

Shouldn’t it be duhnosaurs. As in duh, no saurs.

I know, right? Ice Age Mammals, yes. Dinosaurs? Already dead for 65 million years, man.

You’re saying I’d be hopelessly trapped, especially if I didn’t have BlondeStar.

Nothing personal against the “creators” of these t’s, but what has happened to all the real artistry that used to be on the shirts. This stuff is really shith for 12 bucks!! I guess the “real” artists are demanding more, huh??

This one’s perfect for kids! Very cute!

A cautionary tale about peer pressure if ever there was one. I don’t think blue guy is convinced though. :^)

Should have been smilodon! Or maybe a durr wolf.

@ahayatawah11…agreed. back in the day, i spent a small fortune on shirts. They were priced right and the artistry was amaz-balls.

I think the style on this one is intentionally cartoonish. Go back and look at the shirts from the past three weeks. There’s some very great artistry.

Or look at anything else from ApeLad, he ain’t no slouch. This is just a cute, simpler one from him, and I think it’s adorable.

Too funny. Love it.

Thanks! I appreciate that!
I don’t think this would’ve worked nearly as well with realistic tar and completely accurate dinosaur anatomy.

I can understand that this one’s aimed more towards kids and possibly parents, but I’m gonna have to pass myself. I love silly, but it’s a bit too far this side of aimed for kids for me.

Simple + cartoony is an art, often unappreciated. Apelad is a master of detail when he opts for that. You picked the wrong day to put quotes around ‘real.’

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