Dukap Zonix Lightweight Hardside Luggage

Dukap Zonix Lightweight Hardside Luggage

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Other Dukap items are well reviewed here

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Does it have approved locking system (TSA)?

This set appears to have no built-in locking system. What it has are two zipper pulls that meet up and you put your own lock on to fasten them together. Whether or not you choose to use a TSA-approved lock is up to you.

Luggage in this price range is now pretty much all the same - the same thin plastic shell, same quality zippers, same approximate sizes, same handles/wheels/handles, etc. The only significant differences being the aesthetics (color/texture/print/pattern) of the shell and the name on the label. Just consider that there is a reason why they are so inexpensive and then you shouldn’t be disappointed.

We have a very similar set with the Mia Toro label on them that we got here on Woot (same quality and price). They are serving us well and we have been on several trips already with them. One bag already received a split in the shell from some very rough handling but that was easily fixed with a strip of heavy tape on the inside and a bead of hot glue on the outside. We had reasonable expectations and so far we have not been disappointed (but naturally, your mileage may vary).

This set is very well priced. The brand is very good and I checked online and its sold almost everywhere at a much higher price, I know luggage tariff have been increased by 25% recently and a 3pc set of this quality for $100 is difficult to find. The average product reviews for this brand in internet are 4 stars aprox. I would recommend you go for it and if you have a problem reach out to the brand directly, this products carry a 10 year warranty