Dumb question on artist payments...

So, for the derby, the first day of sales on a winner are forfeit, right? After that, you’re supposed to get $1/shirt? Is that the same for mini derby as it is for the regular derby? Also, winners for the mini derby get a $200 payout, right? Does that usually come with the payment for shipped orders?

I’m just trying to figure this out, so that I can confirm that I’m getting paid correctly.

Thanks for your help in advance, O princes of derby, kings of woot.

Actually, I think it’s $1000 flat fee for the derby winners; $2/shirt for each sale after day 1. I was never entirely sure about the mini derby payout. I believe 1st-3rd get $200 + $2/shirt for every sale. Honorable mentions are just $2/shirt without any initial payouts. Artists get paid in their next payout after the shirts are shipped.

Thanks so much for clearing that up!

Yeah payments have always been a bit of a grey area… I feel like there is probably some forum link somewhere that explains all this beautifully but it isn’t very easy to find… The Honorable mentions not getting 200$ for initial design is news to me… Is this true? Also I would really like to know how my shirts do in the mini derbies… Like if mine get printed I don’t know if it was an honorable mention or if it finished in the top 3.

I think the Terms and Conditions document linked on the derby submission page has the info about payments in it. I think the document alters values when it a mini instead of a main derby so the Terms and Conditions link is only the terms and conditions for the current derby. It would be the place to check out I think.

If you go back to the derby page after it’s been finished, the first and second day the fog will show the winners as a number of votes, and the others as “?”. On the third day it shows all of them, and you can see who came in 1st second and third. I haven’t found a super easy way to get back to old derbies, except by going to the comments and clicking on one of the thumbs.

You can always go back and look at the derby after the votes are revealed to see where you placed… I believe the top three from the mini derbies are always the top three in placement on the side sale page as well.

As far as knowing how well your HM’s and mini derby shirts sell, you can click on comments button for your shirt during the sale to see a running count.

I’ve read through the Terms and Conditions and am still confused about the mini derby payouts. I’ve never won a main derby, so that doesn’t affect me. Is there someone who reads these forums from Woot who could clarify for me? I was under the impression that mini derby winners and honorable mentions all got $200 plus $1 per shirt sold. Am I wrong on this? Do we only get the $1 per shirt and not the $200 if we are only honorable mentions? Thanks!

I’m 99.9% sure you’re wrong. Honorable mentions do not get any initial payouts. Of that, I am certain. They just get paid per shirt…not sure if it’s $1 or $2 per, though.

ETA: Found the contract when they changed the derbies around… and it says thusly:


Thanks for the clarification!

The only time you’d get the 200$ payout for being in an Honorable Mention sale is if you place 1st-3rd in the “mini derby” that corresponds to it. Otherwise you get only the 2$ commission per shirt sold, which can add up if the design sells well in the HM sale.

That’s kind of my bad there. I need to add the 1st-3rd badges to the winners in the mini-derby hm sale. They are the top 3 listed in the sale but that’s not the clearest way for ppl to know. I’ll add badges from now on. There is a contract that was created when we launched the mini-derbies that explains the 200$ prize. We need to make sure it’s easy to find.


all who don’t = luzers

So if the Terms & Conditions says that the artist gets $2 per shirt if the shirt sells for more than $13, and the max price of a derby honorable mention is $11 does that mean that the honorable mention selections get nothing? I’m confused.

This is old info/contract wording. You get $2/shirt regardless of price, typically.