Dumb TVs

This Element 32’'TV came in on 9/19. The sound was horrible the first day, then the audio stop working completely after that. You’re getting what you pay for on this one.

From Old English dumb (“silent, speechless, mute, unable to speak”)

They did warn us.

Im really thinking about that 39 inch Vizio… does anyone like or dislike that tv?

Walmart offers all of these TVs brand new for only $10-$20 more… just saying

I prefer Dumb TV’s, makes me feel smarter

I purchased a refurbished Samsung 39" and the screen won’t stay on. Outside of the warranty window… this sucks.

You have to pay tax at Walmart though.

If you purchased it with your credit card check and see if they have like AMEX an extra one year added warranty to all purchases when your card is used.