DuNah Tre Cuvee Chardonnay Vertical (4)

DuNah Tre Cuvée Sonoma Coast Chardonnay Vertical 4-Pack
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2005 DuNah Tre Cuvée Chardonnay, Sonoma Coast
2006 DuNah Tre Cuvée Chardonnay, Sonoma Coast
2007 DuNah Tre Cuvée Chardonnay, Sonoma Coast
2008 DuNah Tre Cuvée Chardonnay, Sonoma Coast
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Seriously? None of you have ANYTHING to say? Not one word?

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The deal is still young…

Has anyone had these yet? If so how much oak are on these? My palate has been changing so I prefer my chardonnay with the least amount of oak possible. The buttery finish just does not do it so much for me anymore:)

The oak is quite subtly integrated with the use of Latour barrels and there is no oaky finish. The barrels are 1/3 new, 1/3 1 year, and 1/3 2 years old. This is not a California style Chard.

I have had some of their reds, fantastic juice! These sound just as good. I may need to break my SIWBM.

These are actually sounding interesting.
Could you provide some additional lab notes for the woot geeks that like to see pH, TA, RS and other benchmarks that help us, when lacking trusted TN’s, better understand what we may be purchasing?

It’s nice to see older verticals like this. How are they drinking now, and where do you see them going in x-years?

100% French oak!
We don’t like oaky wines either. Thus, we don’t make them. The difference comes from the skills of our winemaker, Greg La Follette, who has been our only winemaker from day one. These wines are made with true Burgundian technique.


Typical chem data:
Alc 14.2%
pH 3.59 TA 5.92g/L
Acetic Acid 0.53ppm
FSO2 31ppm
Malic acid 0.070ppm
glucose 0.41g/L
fructose 1.52g/L
CO2 890mg/L

(Our wines, both red & white, undergo 100% wild yeast primary & Malic fermentations.)

They drink well now. I drink the 2005 daily. Drank some 2003 from a magnum a month ago and it was excellent. The wines hold up very well because we don’t fool around with them chemically. All natural! The older ones color intensity increases a bit, but I would guess they will be good another 5 years or more. Remember, we’re just kids. Our first wines came out in 2001.

i had a lot of fun tasting this wine. a quality chard with age. a real treat.

Thanks for joining us!


I love trying Chardonnays not readily available to me; it’s a pity Woot and the wineries stopped shipping to Tennessee even though they legally can. I asked and they said it was an Amazon thing. Probably a backroom deal with the good ol boys since Amazon has so many warehouses here now.

Hey Wooters, this is Rick DuNah. A bit of background! The Mrs. & I founded DuNah Winery in 2000. We were new to farming (except for the 50% prayer part) after spending 45 years together in the Silicon Valley electronics industry founding & selling 2 companies. After relocating to Sonoma County we spent 2 years at the local JC learning viticulture and enology before planting Pinot Noir & Chardonnay in the Sebastopol Hills, where virtually no one had previously grown grapes. It was in prior times considered too cold a climate. However, it is perfect for Pinot & Chard; warm days, cold nights, great soil, no frost, light ocean breezes, 35 inches of rain per year, etc. Now the area is known as the “Golden Triangle” of the Russian River Valley appellation. Our initial Pinot went to Flowers Winery through 2003. And then everything went to DuNah Winery after that. As they say, the rest is history. Thankfully, and with gratitude!. Please enjoy the wines.

Mr Humpster, contact us directly and we’ll see what we can do, if anything. Rick D.

This is the kind of winery participation that really gets ones’ attention!


Hey Rick,

Thank you for participating. I had the 2004 DuNah Montre and it was fantastic. I did not realize until now that was your inaugural vintage. I am sure your Chardonnay’s are just as good. I am so close to breaking my SIWBM. How do these compare to the Dedee’s Vineyard?

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Same quality but a reflection of different vineyards & clones. The Tre Cuvee has more minerality and is a bit crisper. It appears to many as more Burgundian.