Dungeons and Dragons Icons of the Realms

Dungeons and Dragons Icons of the Realms

Wow really disappointed on this sent it as a gift and instead of a sealed booster brick of 8 individual booster boxes they sent a single booster box 1 lonely box stuffed in a padded envelope! Way to make me look like the bargain basement Grandma :pleading_face:

Blargh. Amazon warehouses love to break apart sets. Contact Woot CS and they’ll help you out. From a browser, use the Woot Customer Service form. In the Woot App, choose Account from the bottom navigation and then Support.

Also got to suffer the disappointment of getting a padded envelope with a single booster pack instead of the big box of 8 I was expecting. Here’s hoping customer service can help.

I also received only ONE OPENED Booster. Not the 8 SEALED Boosters that I ordered.

Customer service took care of it best they could but unfortunately since the item can’t be ordered any longer there’s no chance of getting th sealed 8 boosters now I wonder did someone in the warehouse just not read the packing slip or are they swiping them? Did anyone actually get what they paid for on this deal?

Woot obviously sold an item they did not actually have in their inventory. I was the first person to order the item and also received a single box. Woot says the item sold out so they could not replace it. Looking here, and knowing several other people that bought the item, it’s pretty clear that the item didn’t exist.

Sorry for the problem. Sometimes the Amazon warehouses split packs on us. It makes us sad.

If you have inside information that I don’t have though, go with it.

I guess this explains why I got an unexplained partial refund on this order I haven’t received yet. Now I’m sad. Was really looking forward to getting that miniature collection going. Not cool.