Durable Corporation Anti-Fatigue Mats

What’s the difference between an “indoor” and “dry area” mat?


Outdoor mats should not absorb and retain lots of water.

Wish they would show an image of the underside of these mats.

they do. click on the second picture. it shows how they shaved the mat where it will unfortunately absorb any liquid under it.
I’ve seen other mats without this problem

But shouldn’t the “dry area” mat be non absorbent or does it mean only use it in dry areas? But then wouldn’t indoors also indicate a dry area? I would love to get these for my kitchen but if they absorb water that is the end of that. Come on woot - a little help here!

i really enjoy this type of mat. I have a foot rest on my computer console I built lined with it.

I also lined my tv stand lined with it for when I play my 360.
I wouldn’t buy these types due to the shaved surface on the bottom for two reasons. for one, I can see the rubber backing flaking off. mine are mounted so that wouldn’t be a problem for my current application, and two, because I believe they would absorb everything due to the porous nature of the back.
that would be a problem for me. as my mats are mounted on wood, anything absorbed would be held there. causing rot in my wood plank.

These mats are not made to be used near water or where they may be immersed in liquids. There are mats designed for that (much more expensive). These mats are made for locations where you would be standing in one spot, such as an electronics work bench, an assembly line area, a safety overwatch station, etc. where there would be little cause to be in contact with any type of liquid.

The above being said, my company uses similar mats to these, plus other types, which only have the foam padding (MUCH cheaper), and have for over a decade. They hold up rather well in the dry, indoor locations, but near doorways, or docks, they need to be constantly replaced.

Fast shipping on these. I just made my order yesterday and already been shipped via fedex to be delivered saturday.

Why don’t they just make the soles of shoes out of these mats? Then you’d always be standing on an Anti-fatigue mat.