Durable Corporation Anti-Fatigue Mats

Does anyone know if these mats will resist mold. Need mat in an area with high humidity, therefore, subject to mold.

Thank you for your question, I am with the manufacturer of the Diamond Dek Sponge Anti Fatigue Matting. The mat is not mold and mildew resistant.

I love these kinds of mats. Bought a few different types. The pictures of the bottoms of these mats do not look appealing at all.

Has anyone used these before? Are they comfortable or do your heels just wind up sinking to the floor like others?

Hi I am with the manufacturer the shaved back is done on both ends so the ends hug the floor to prevent someone tripping on them.

I’m with the manufacturer. Standard cheap mats you buy at the box stores are usually just sponge and you sink right to the floor. These mats are two layer and offer comfort and will last for years.

I’ve seen other manufacturers accomplish the same thing without exposing the material to excessive wear and tear. like I said, I’ve bought a few. good luck with your sale.

Expensive for the size, several similar types, craftsman, etc, are cheaper and similar quality.

What is a Craftsman mat that you like?