DURACELL 1200W Power Inverter

DURACELL 1200W Power Inverter

$56.31 at this site don’t know about shipping…if interested in the Duracell 1200w Power Inverter you can search out an questions you have . It does say that it comes with a 3 year warranty ! http://www.explosivepowersports.com/duracell-inverter-1200w-12v-drinv1200/ please post comments once you follow up on this link…thanks BOZ

Did the work for you.

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Thanks for doing the work on finding out the shipping cost. So It seems that www.explosivepowersports.com , like so many companies out there, is low balling the price on product and making some of their profit by overcharging on the shipping…$16.82 is a little much BUT even when you add the $16.82 to the $56.31= $73.13 vs Woot $69.99 + $5 shipping for non-Prime members = $74.99 So even after they gouge you for shipping they still beat Woot’s price by $1.86 . There was a time when we had to look a lot harder to find a better deal that beat Woot’s Daily Deals and most of the time you COULDN’T find a better price. The landscape has changed as more and more sites are trying to have the best deal on closeouts , overstocks etc. Please continue to try and find us the best deals, THANKS BOZ in Kentucky

So the rip-off place is called www.explosivepowersports.com? I wonder why www.explosivepowersports.com is trying to rip people off. I certainly won’t be buying anything from www.explosivepowersports.com any time soon.