Duracell 9V Ultra Lithium - 10 Pack

**Item: **Duracell 9V Ultra Lithium - 10 Pack
Price: $34.99
Shipping Options: $5 Standard OR $9 Two-Day OR $12 One-Day
Condition: New

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3/16/2013 - $39.99 - 73 comment(s)

Now to go and buy ten smoke detectors. Please tell me that’s the next product.

Dang, we had one in a Plus event but it already sold out.

There’s a link to a list of all PLUS sales in my signature. We launched some to stuff your cart during this woot-off.

How new or old are these? Don’t want to buy 5-year-old batteries that are losing their charge or anything…

Holy crap, the retail value of a single one of these is 8 bucks!?

I’d really prefer it in a ten-pack though. Or a five-pack. Something that would justify buying this many batteries. I can’t have a box of 9volts showing up at the door without a good explanation for my wife.

Reputable seller on Ebay has these for $4.18 each with free shipping. Why buy this many to save 19 cents.10 for 39.99= 3.99 each.

The specs have a best by 2021 date. If these have a 10 year storage life, like most of this type of battery have, then I would guess they were manufactured around 2011.

I already bought stuff today. Do I have to pay $5 for shipping for each order during a woot off? It looks like it is charging me in the cart.

Thanks!! :slight_smile:

These batteries could be Christmas gifts to your family so they can replace their batteries in their smoke alarms. My father-in-law always gave 9V batteries to his kids for their homes.

$5 all day shipping ended a few months ago.

Yes. Shipping is $5 per shopping cart order.

More info on the shopping cart

That is extremely useless during a Woot-off. You should suspend this and go back to the old rules on these days. Just my 5 bucks worth.

The rules of the old days were $5 on every order. There was no cart, so you could only buy 1 woot at a time. The best deal you could get was buying 3 of the same item on the same order.
At least now you can add plus items to your cart while you wait for something you like in the woot off.

You know, that’s the only thing I own now that uses a 9V battery (well, maybe the backup to my alarm clock or something.) As a kid I had these awesome walkie talkie/two way radios that were so awesome they were actually jamming the local tiny airport.