Duracell AAA Batteries - 60Pk


$22.87 with free Prime Shipping versus $19.50 + $5.00 shipping ($24.50)… not really a good deal Woot.

Bought a set of these the last go-round. One battery, just one came damaged. Now I’m not going to return this over one .33 cent battery. But I did e-mail Woot! at 3pm to let them know there had been a problem. By 9 that night they had issued a complete refund even though I had specified no return or refund was necessary.

Woot! You rock!

Less on the mothership if you’re a prime member.

Cheaper at Amazon, and possibly fresher there too. (The ones I got were 2024) 2021 use by here says these are about 6-7 years old already. I have already had to toss about a dozen Duracell AAA & AA batteries that were dated 2020 & 2021 (bought elsewhere). Duracell guarantee is worthless, and quality has gone steadily down hill with their production in China. Best source for freshest (2024-2026 expirys) at low price is always Sam’s and Costco. Got some from Costco in November said 2026.

Always AAA’S when I need AA’s!

They must love you more. I had a couple that were dented up. They offered to give me 5.00 back or return them.

AA’s were on about 3 weeks ago.

You do know Amazon owns Woot.

Mine made it well past the 90-day warranty, but when I went to get more from the cabinet in preparation for last Christmas (2019) they looked like this:

Duracell brand isn’t what it used to be!