Duracell AAA Batteries

Why does one part say two 12 packs and the picture show 2 six packs? How many batteries are included??
Edit: OK, Mistake has been fixed to show 2 six packs.

Its 12 total, like two six packs of beer.

Looks like maximum quantity you can order is 10 rather than normal 3.

Somebody should have told whoever wrote the script for tonights deal. They obviously thought it was two 12 packs.

Costco has great prices on batteries. Cheaper if you go to the store.

Yep, write-up is wrong. Called to get it fixed. We’re selling 12 batteries as two packages of 6 batteries.

These are rechargeable.Amazon price for 1 six pack is $14.95

The 800 mAh capacity is a bit low for current rechargeable AA batteries. Sanyo makes 1500 mAh in the superior Eneloop AA rechargeables.
These are cheaper, however.

These are not AA but AAA.

Yes and these are AAA not AA’s :slight_smile: The Eneloop AAA’s are 800 mAh as well.

These are AAA not AA. Show me who makes rechargable AAA with 1500mah and I will buy 100 packs.

These are AAA. There are some AAA with higher capacity, but 800mAh is standard.

I haven’t had these long enough to find out what the shelf life is, but they all test close to 800mAh after a refresh cycle.

These are made in China, so don’t get your hopes up that you’ve found a forgotten stash of Japanese-made “Duraloops”.

I would not worry that these are made in China rather than Japan like the Eneloops. They are Duracell and Duracell would not risk their reputation by putting their name on something of lesser quality. After all, the iPhone is made in China too.

It’s not about worry. The point is, as I stated, that these are the Duracell LSD batteries made in China, not the earlier ones made in Japan that were repackaged Eneloop batteries.

They are pretty good, just not Eneloops. It’s not because they are inferior because they are made in China; it’s because they are different batteries.

I know this gets asked all the time, but since you’re making calls and it’s not like anyone would be busy in the middle of the week for any reason what so ever, do these have the white ring as the picture shows or are they black on top? I keep hearing there’s a huge difference in the quality.

Also… Happy Thanksgiving!!

I don’t have any way to find that out (and I’m not going to wake someone for it). These are likely in another warehouse for shipping. Sorry. :frowning:

Can someone recommend a charger for these as well as other (types of) batteries?

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AAA again?!

How about some AA rechargeables? I’d buy a bunch of them. Practically everything in this house that runs on batteries takes AA.

Somebody must’ve made more AAAs than they could sell.