Duracell AAA Batteries

Why doesn’t WOOT sell a really great charger like a LaCrosse or a Maha?? Seems like with all their side-sites they could be offering a nice charger. Happy Thanksgiving!

So do those work okay with the IGo chargers sold the other day on sellout.woot?

I bought these last time they were up and they were the black top. Haven’t used them enough to review yet as nothing that I use them for is a high drain product.

Are these the black top or white top? Anyone? Anyone?

Thanks; I did not know of these.

Generally I see and use 800 and 1000 maH. The difference on those units is in the static drain. The higher capacity ones lose power much faster than the other ones if you are putting them into something that sits unused for a few weeks to months. I wonder if those 1500’s lose power quickly after a charge.

When bought in quantity, the WOOT deal is better than All-Battery because their shipping can add up. (But they also have good chargers for the person that asked.)

Wish they were AA. Then I’d push the button.

Perhaps shamcy wasn’t clear. I think the goal was to find AAA batteries with a usable capacity of 1500mAh each. The above search takes us to sites which sell AAA batteries that have labels on them that say 1500mAh.

These aren’t being sold by Woot, so there isn’t much reason to discuss them here. There are reviews on the Woot batteries, so we have some independent information on the actual capacity, lifetime and other characteristics.

Agreed, also, I was talking about slow discharge batteries. Not just any rechargeable battery.


And I hope Woot finds from your post that there really is a size AA because it seems all that shows up over and over is this same AAA offer.

I totally recommend the “LaCrosse Technology BC-700” charger. Tons of geeky options, including ways of finding out what the current capacity of the batteries are.

edit: Okay, there’s a BC-900 and a BC-1000 too, and I cant really tell what the significant differences are.

editedit: the BC-700 can charge up to 700mA. The BC-1000 (which I have) can go up to 1000mA, or up to 1700mA if you’re only charging two batteries. Amazon’s selling the BC1000 for $60, but I’ve seen it as low as $45 before.